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WhatsApp two-step pin verification, how to protect your WhatsApp account



This feature has been attached to the WhatsApp mobile app for security purposes, this prevention will contribute not losing any of your international information. Or no amount of trying to access your personal WhatsApp account.

Meanwhile, this update was just published on my WhatsApp page so every user of this platform will be prepared to avoid privacy access through any of our electronics or device usage.

What are we talking about here? Set up your WhatsApp verification to avoid privacy collectively through the mobile app.

WhatsApp two-step pin verification

How to protect your WhatsApp account to avoid scammers, this is very simple to do on your smartphone, apple or iPhone, or personal computer.

Please, if you have not done your WhatsApp verification please do it immediately because of the rate of hackers or scammers use to access digital information in the digital market.

WhatsApp 2-step pin verification

Kindly do it now, the software or tools which scammers use to penetrate someone’s WhatsApp account are getting too much in the digital market.

However, to do this will not cost anything than a few steps to follow.  This information is free of charge you will not pay anyone for it. Because it has been there for you to implement it.


Step: 1

Go to settings on your WhatsApp

Step: 2 

Click on account

Step: 3

Click on the Two-steps verification

Step: 4

Enter your pin

Step: 5

Input your email address, and click to save that’s all!

In another word, if someone wants to change it or log in to your WhatsApp account, the system or WhatsApp will ask, for the two steps verification.

Therefore, without the two-step verification, the mobile will not open for use for that particular time or anytime.

Let’s carefully manage our private computers very well in order to bring peace and unity.

Meanwhile, welcome to our, here you will find useful information or products to help life grow. No, forget to share and comment in the comment section.

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