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What Is Digitstem Platform? How To Make Money With Products On the Digitstem platform!



Digitstem is an affiliate marketing marketplace where digital products created by experts in different industries are listed.

How to make money with digital products.

So you can pick the product and sell as a middle man and earn massive commissions as high as 80% 50% and these commissions will be paid in dollars

So basically you are like the connection between the buyer and the seller

Digitstem pays her affiliates every Saturday. So every Saturday I get paid as an affiliate in dollars by digitstem

Now let me show you some of the payment screenshots received for promoting and selling this product Online

I know you may be asking If all these payments are just for one week. Crazy right? I know but that is the possibility that exists with having a digital skill.

There is no CAP  to the amount of money you can earn as long as you are willing to put in the work and be consistent with it

When you make a sale this is what Digitstem will send you showing you that you have made a commission

Now imagine what your life will be like if you are earning 6 Figures weekly from this business model. You will be able to afford the things you want and live life on your terms, right?

Let me show you another Example of a digital product and how much you can make selling it. Assuming you want to sell a product on the platform that deals with How to Burn Fat in the shortest possible time (Weight loss in 30 days).

That possibly sells for #20,000 that pays you #10,000 in commission as an affiliate, how many do you think you need to sell to make #100,000?

Remember it pays #10,000 in commission, that is you only need to make 10 product sales for you to make #100,000

And if you sell a product that pays 20k commissions all you need to make 1 million nairas is just to sell 50 products. Isn’t that amazing?

Now, this is a digital product and a lot of people are looking for ways to lose weight and have a good body (figure 8) so this is a hot-selling product as well.

Now, remember this product actually works and not some junk so a lot of people are actually buying it.

These products are put together by experts in various fields Remember I’m not the owner of the product I sold. I just sold it as a middle man and I was paid in commission by digitstem

So this business model where I sold a digital product and earn commissions is called Affiliate marketing and it is a lucrative digital skill that can set you up for life when you learn and master it.

So basically the business I did where I sold other people’s products is called affiliate marketing.

  1. Copywriting
  2. Digital marketing/Affiliate marketing
  3. SEO( search engine optimization)
  4. Social media management
  5. Ecommerce
  6. Drop-shipping
  7. YouTube/Vlogging
  8. Google Advertising
  9. Facebook/Instagram advertising
  10. Video creation and marketing
  11. Design Graphic
  12. Crypto trading and investment etc the list is endless

They are many, just find the one that resonates with you, learn it, master it then make money off it. But for the purpose of this class, I will focus on Affiliate marketing because:

  1. It is easy to start
  2. It requires low start-up capital
  3. Highly profitable
  4. It is scalable…
  5. It can be done from anywhere in the world
  6. 6-7 figures potential

If you’re like me I’m sure you’d first want to know what affiliate marketing means. Affiliate marketing simply means recommending products to people who want them and can afford them.

For example; If I know that you’re looking to buy a car, I would simply recommend someone who’d sell the car to you. And I’d get paid a certain percentage of commission for doing just that.

The same thing goes with every other product (both digital and physical)

Affiliate marketing is simply you connecting sellers to buyers in exchange for a commission. Although the percentage of commissions you’d make per sale as an affiliate varies.

You could earn as high as N50,000 per sale or as low as N5,000 It all depends on the type of product you’re promoting and the demand for it.

Also, you can promote products from many different companies/creators at once and earn commissions from all of them when someone buys through your affiliate links.

Like every other venture.

Affiliate marketing can be quite confusing if you don’t understand the basics so you need to, first of all, learn how it works so you can maximize the potential in it.

Affiliate marketing is the same business model used by Amazon, Jumia, Konga, and even Uber to generate millions.

All these companies have no single product, all they do is connect buyers to sellers. Uber connects passengers to drivers.

With digital skills there are no limitations to what you can earn, your input determines your output. You can make as much money as possible as long as you put in the work and you are committed to it.

Remember this is not a Ponzi scheme so you have to learn and put in the work so you can get massive results

Asides from the money you would make, you would also get to learn some valuable digital high-income skills such as;

  1. How to run a Facebook-sponsored advert
  2.  How to run a highly converting Instagram advert that gets massive customer
  3. How to create a landing page
  4. How to build a world press website
  5. How to design with canvas
  6. Email marketing etc

That would increase your value either as an employee, entrepreneur, or even as a business owner.

Affiliate marketing is not limited to Nigeria alone, it’s a business model that is done all over the world

Affiliate marketing companies are companies that have lots of digital products on their platform

Some of these affiliate marketing companies are:

  1.        Warriorplus
  2.        Clickbank
  3.          Jvzoo
  4. commission junction

All these affiliate marketing companies are not Nigerian companies and some of them do not accept Nigerians.

However, it is nothing to worry about as we have our own affiliate marketing company here in Nigeria and it is called DIGITSTEM.

Digitstem is an affiliate marketing company where digital products are been listed for the affiliate to pick and promote in other to earn a commission.

Digitstem is an affiliate marketing platform in Nigeria and they pay very high commissions in dollars compared to the other companies

I showed you all these so you would see and understand the power of digital skills and also see the potential with affiliate marketing.

The internet has given you an edge, leverage on it to create a better life for yourself.

Now The Big Question is- how do I get buyers to buy these products online so I can make sales and make money for myself?

Customers are everywhere online, you just have to identify where they are and show them the product.

How do you do this?

You do this by learning how to run Facebook sponsored advertisements, Instagram ads, YouTube advertisements, WhatsApp, Google, Twitter, Tiktok, etc and it’s part of what you will learn when you get started.

 How then can you get started?

With Your Own Affiliate, Online business with Digitstem, and also start getting paid in dollars every week?

If you’ll love to get started with this business, you can signify with an emoji in the comment below!

Okay, wonderful people, I’m rooting for your success for those that showcase their interest in this business.

To understand better what affiliate marketing with Digitstem is all about.

Click this link above and watch the first video you’ll see on it to first understand what Digitstem is all about, after watching then you can proceed to register with 10k if it’s something you want to get started.

You will get access to my mentorship also when you get started for you to be more successful in the business of affiliate marketing.

Ladies and gentlemen we have come to the end of the class, so click on the link and watch the video then read the write-up and get back to me.

So I can guide you on how to get started if it’s something you want to start with only 10k to register and you can be making over 200 dollars every week.

I’m just online away so if you have any questions kindly send a chat. But before you send a chat to me, for questions, make sure you have watched the video and I’ll answer any of your other questions

Let me tell you this to round up.

Those that are doing great in this business are people that don’t even have prior knowledge about how online business works.

All they did is follow the instructions and guides of Multibillionaire Online Guru, and after that, they are commanding results. So, not having prior knowledge about online business is not an excuse for you to give.

You will be taught all you need to be successful in Affiliate Marketing Business.

You can read this: The Best Way To Make Legit Money Online!

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