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What is a Tortoise? Story of Tutorize, About Tortoise broke his shells!




This book is a story of an animal. Meanwhile, we love to create comprehensive contents which will help little children to learn step-by-step story narratives.

Yes, once your children can able to describe a particular thing or compose the most beautiful content as a kid or kids, that is called a child doing well.

However, a child who may concern can do that well. If the parent is dwelling with the wisdom of God. The child of God will be like a tree planted in the river.

Ok, Our story on this page is about how tortoises broke shells, this story is interesting to read and listen to. You will learn what you have been missing.

Yea, you and I know that a tortoise is an animal that can lie when his guilty. But that is how the so-called tortoise left his/her own life.

This particular story may continue to open if you keep on giving positive comments in the comment section. As you do that we will be active to bring you a complete package.

Now, let’s talk about the real story, the real story is to guide your child in a good way to avoid evil doing and separate he/her to stay away from bad friends.

This story is sweet to share with your family and friends, it will help my friends far from to learn and put it into practice.

You as a child respect your elder, or senior so that your days will be long as you do that may success follow you Amen!

This story will be funny because of our language due to the type of electronic machines we use to generate this e-book for your kids to enjoy.

After this story, I will narrate my own story. I will explain what happened to the most beautiful chicken on the united chicken farm. Before we continue let me tell you one thing about living things in the world.

Every about them is ok. Yes, the reason I said so is that no stress whatever, that’s the reason why this event is for kids or kids.

Meanwhile, if you have any reason for concern about our decision regarding terms of contents access or assets collective. This is for those who may be concerned.

Make sure you read carefully to avoid leaving my hand or leaving my clothes. It will help you to understand, and leave a good reason to support the globe with information.

Now, remember that everything will start making sense, that one is the original feeling concerning the complete package as we said early, thank you for your time and patience.


 What is a Tortoise?

According to the digital definition, an electronics machine is an animal that performs slow movement, typically herbivorous land reptiles of warm climates, enclosed in a scaly. Or you can learn more at a definition from oxford language or University.

Now listing to our story!

Chapter 1:

About How Tortoise Broke His Shells

Once upon a time, there left a Tortoise named OKE-AFOR he was a very greedy animal everybody knew him as a greedy animal.

One day he was coming back from a party in another village. Then, he was coming back to his village. He heard about the lion was celebrating his 31st day of his thrown he called all the animals to come for the party. Tortoise also came to the party.

They brought all the food, different food for the animal. For example, Goover fruits for the bird, milk for cart, and they asked the tortoise what his name and the tortoise answered my name is all of them.

And also asked all the animals what is their name and all of the answered correctly but the tortoise lied. They brought all the foodstuff and gave them one by one.

Then, the tortoise was saying a trick joke like the hippo was too dirty enough. All of them started laughing and the tortoise carried all of the food ones by one.

The king the lion got tortoises eating their food one by one. The king ordered his guard through the tortoise away to the rock. That is how tortoise shells broke end.

Chapter 2:

About Why Eagle Carries The Small Chicken!

Once upon a time, there left an eagle called obi. They left the friendly village so, there was a meeting up in the air so, they said that all the flying animals came to the meeting. Then, the chicken wanted to come to the meeting so as the village was a friendly village then, the chicken went to the eagle house to beg for his long feather.

And it was a very larger and long feather that can fly far away. The chicken knew that his feather cannot fly far away.

So the eagle warned the chicken to not bury the feather because he knew that all small, small animals and anti will eat the feather.

So, after the chicken used the feather he forgot what the eagle warned her about. So she buried the long feather and another animal came to ask the eagle to please help her with the long feather.

So, the eagle flew to the chicken house and asked her to give him back the feather.

Meanwhile, our tools for research are not available right now to complete the whole story of what really happened to the eagle.

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