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What exactly is affiliate marketing?



Affiliate marketing is simply an online business module where you recommend other people’s products and get paid a commission for doing that.

What exactly is affiliate marketing?

Now let’s say someone has a product he created and he is selling it for 20k and is offering to pay a 50%  commission

Now, remember our goal is to make 200k within 30 days.  Let’s break it down,  200,000 divided by 10,000 will give you 20 right?

What this means is that if you make 20 sales of that particular product that pays 10k commission in 30 days, you will have 200k resting in your bank account.

There are so many affiliate platforms you can sign up as an affiliate marketer and you will be given a unique affiliate link or ID to each of their products.

Examples of these platforms are

  1. Clickbank
  2. Jvzoo
  3. Affiliatedng
  4. Expertnaire
  5. Learnoflix
  6. Digistem

Note: you can also work as an affiliate marketer and make money without joining any affiliate platform. All you have to do is to look for an information marketer and strike a deal with him to become an affiliate of his products.

This aspect even works great than joining any affiliate platform. So as I was saying,

There are 3 niches that people can create and information products around which you can promote and sell as an affiliate marketer. And these 3 niches are:

  1. Money making niche
  2. Health and fitness niche
  3. Dating and relationships nich

Any product you select under them sells well and will always sell because people will always need them.

After selecting a product,  what next?

Simply start promoting and how does it work?

Perhaps you select a product title example “how to unleash your inner drive and become a money magnet

After picking the product and you are able to get 20 people to buy the product with your affiliate link in just 1mnth.  With a product that pays 50%, that means you will be making 20×10000 = 200k

When you become a master,  750k will become child’s play to you. So let’s talk about the affiliate program I have for you.  Trust me you will enjoy it.

But wait,  do you think I’m here to introduce any affiliate platform to you?

The answer is NO.

I am not here to introduce any platform to you due to the fact that 78% of Nigerian young entrepreneurs are finding it difficult to join all the affiliate platforms we have in Nigeria because of their unaffordability

I mean people can’t afford to join because of a lack of funds.  For example

  1. Expertnaire =#62,500
  2. Learnoflix = #50,000
  3. Affiliatedng = #20,000
  4. Digistem = #15,000

Like I said earlier,  it’s not a must for you to join an affiliate platform before you can make money as an affiliate marketer.

You can meet with a Guru information marketer and strike a deal. Promote their products and get paid to do so

So this kind of program I have for you.  Do you know the amazing part of it?  You don’t right?  Permit me to make it crystal clear to you

The amazing part of this affiliate program is that it’s easy for people to make money from it and it works for both beginners and experts.

As in the product, the owner will create a Done for your strategy for selling any of his products and that’s what we call the easy-to-use framework. And no one will do this affiliate program and still remain broke again.

How exactly can you join this platform?

Joining the platform is very easy.  To save you from doing any grunt work in looking for an information marketer that can make you an affiliate to promote his products.

Taokeek Abdul Kareem,  one of the most youngest and respected information marketers in Nigeria had taken his time to create numerous products and methods to sell them to those that are interested in Affiliate marketing but can’t afford to join any of those affiliate platforms.

In short, this digital entrepreneur known as TaoKeek Abdul Kareem is the brain behind this affiliate program.

And for you to make a good fortune as an affiliate marketer,  has taken his time to put together the copy and paste strategies.

I mean the done-for-you system that you will be using to sell any of his digital products and make good money.

The done for you course he created for you are

  1.  CAF (cashout affiliate formula)
  2. Done for your affiliate framework

Can you see that you can’t afford to miss this?  And it doesn’t stop there,  you will still have access to his full lifetime mentorship despite the fact that he has already created done for you just to make sure you make a good fortune with his products.

What are the necessary requirements?

There’s nothing much in joining his affiliate program because all his products have been added to a marketplace called selar.

And with the help of selar allow information marketer to add an affiliate to their products.  It will also be easy for you to be added as an affiliate on selar to sell any of Taofeek Abdul Kareem’s digital products.

What you only need to have access to this better by far opportunity is only #5500. Instead of you spending 50k and above to join any affiliate platform.  This sounds crazy, right? That’s why you shouldn’t miss this

That’s not all,

You’ll have access to my traffic income generator blueprint that generated me 50k+, 3000 active contacts, and 180 status views in just 7 days. You’ll have access to my lifetime mentorship worth 25k!

You’ll have access to our telegram support group where you’ll get to meet with top affiliates and interact worth 30k.

You’ll have access to the premium version of WhatsApp bulk automatic message sender with anti-ban features worth thousands of naira.

You’ll have access to the DONE-FOR-YOU framework to sell the 5 hot best-selling products on selar worth #5,500

And Finally, you’ll be granted access to the almighty Cashout affiliate formula worth #5,500

Below is the “GOLD MINE” that you’ll be learning from this affiliate program:

  1. Authority Marketing
  2. Affiliate Marketing Blueprints
  3. How to run Facebook ads the profitable way

The DONE-FOR-YOU FRAMEWORK or copy and paste strategies for selling the 5 hot best-selling products on selar.

How to edit and put your name, picture, and details on any ebook, claim ownership, and make money.

  1. How to navigate all your affiliate links.
  2. How to easily create or design a mini-website
  3. List building
  4. Free Lead magnets
  5. Sales funnel
  6. Psychology of selling
  7. Secrets to writing Facebook ad copies that convert.

Am sure you wouldn’t Want to miss such a bright opportunity. Hurray!!! You made it to the end of the class

The floor is open for all your questions,  I trust you wrote them down. For more information and details about this content please do visit here to read more.

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