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What are Facebook ads? How to set up Facebook ads, step-by-step



A Facebook ad is just like any Facebook post. The only difference is that you are paying Facebook to show it to a certain set of people.

What are Facebook ads?

It’s possible that you have already been advertising your products and services in one way or another.

Maybe through what’s app status, Facebook stories, Instagram feed, Instagram stories, and likes.

You might even be posting in some Facebook groups regularly. The problem with this method is that it doesn’t yield huge results. Sometimes, it yields zero results.

Apart from the fact that it doesn’t yield many results, it is usually not consistent. Today you might make sales, other days nothing happens.

One of the factors responsible for this is that; the major way Facebook makes money is through ads.

Have you ever asked yourself how Facebook makes money?

Some people say things like; “Facebook makes money from our data” That’s not true. Your data subscription doesn’t help Facebook in any way. It only grants you access to their website/app.

Facebook makes money by collecting as much information about you as possible.

They, take note of your age, your gender, your location, your study of the pages you like, the groups you join, etc.

Then they use those details to help advertisers determine the kind of product or service they will be interested in.

The purpose of this content is to help you maximize the huge potential that Facebook has to transform your business. There are over 20 million Facebook users in Nigeria alone.

That is more than the population of many West African countries.

Instagram also has over 6 million Nigerian users. And the beautiful thing is, that Instagram is owned by Facebook. So you can simultaneously advertise on Facebook and Instagram.

In fact, learning about Facebook ads is the same as learning about Instagram ads.

Now think about it, the internet is like a location.

It’s not a physical location but it is a place that people visit every day so we can call it a location.

Facebook and Instagram are like a big section of this location.

Now one secret that any serious business person knows is that whenever you have a large gathering of people in a location, that automatically means an opportunity to sell something has presented itself.

I don’t know how many customers you get in a month in your business.

Maybe 10, 20, 50,100 or 1000.

Regardless of whatever number it is, I can assure you that there are thousands more that have not heard about you.

And the beautiful thing is those ‘thousands’ log in to Facebook and Instagram every day. But they don’t know about you.

Your product/service is the solution to a problem that they have or a fulfillment of a desire in their heart. You have the product, they have the problem/desire but they’ve not heard about you.

Facebook ads are the point of connection where the person who has the problem meets the one who has the solution. Nobody goes on Facebook to buy something.

You log in to Facebook to check what your friends are up to, what celebrities are up to, and the trending stories.

People don’t go on Facebook and Instagram to buy something but they end up buying anyways.

So you need to position your product/service in such a way that it interrupts their scrolling, Stirs up their curiosity, informs them about the benefits they stand to gain, and then makes them pay you in exchange for the product.

Now before you advertise your product/service on Facebook and Instagram, you need to work on the appearance of the ads.

This is where most people who advertise miss it.

A lot of people are running ads but they ignore one of the most vital components of the ad which is the appearance.

When I talk about appearance, I’m referring to the text and the image.

One important fact you should note is that people are busy with their lives consuming a lot of info per second.

A million and one things are screaming for their attention so if you want to succeed in advertising to them, you have to first and foremost grab their attention.

I’m pretty sure there have been many ads that you would have seen on your timeline but you just kept scrolling because it didn’t catch your attention.

Like I said earlier on, a Facebook ad is just like every other Facebook post.

The only difference is that in the case of the ads someone is paying Facebook some money so that they can show it to you.

I talked about the fact that the text and the image are the two things you need to have ready before you even attempt to run Facebook ads and Instagram ads.

The things I’m going to teach you about text and images will not only help you when you run Facebook ads but will help you with all kinds of advertising.

Look at that image above. Ok!

The contents of the image make sense to you because you are a business owner and every business owner wants to make more sales.

That is the way any image you want to use should be. It has to speak directly to the person you are targeting.

Once you have identified your target market, your job is to make sure that they will stop in their tracks immediately after they see your image.

You are not trying to advertise to everyone.

Any business person trying to advertise to everybody will not get much success.

There’s a category of people that are willing and able to buy whatever you’re selling. Anyone who isn’t in that category doesn’t matter.

The first thing you see when you encounter a post is the image. When you see the image and the contents of the image are fascinating to you, you go ahead to check the text.

So now that your image has caught their attention, you want to make sure your text picks up from where the image stops.

One important thing you should note is, that people on the internet have very short attention spans.

Once your posts stop interesting them, they keep scrolling.

Everything about your post should lead them on a journey that ends with them buying what you are offering. So you don’t want to put unnecessary details as text.

What your potential customer/client cares about is “how is your product going to change my life?”

Don’t waste time talking about how awesome your product is, emphasize what the product will do for them.

Focus on the BENEFITS, not the features. Understand that you are not selling a product, you’re selling the solution that it will bring. You’re selling the fulfillment that it will bring. You are selling the end result.

Let’s consider two case studies.

In this case study, you are offering French lessons but why the potential client really wants to know is; “how long will it take me to start speaking French fluently?”

So your text should revolve around that.

Now one thing is, people want easy things. They want to get the results as quickly as possible without putting in much work. –

This right here is the reason for most of the inventions in the world. People want things fast and they want them easily. So you need to present this product as such.

Tell them how quickly the end result will come. Convince them of how easy achieving the result would be. Another example!

Now the normal way people advertise products like this is usually along these lines “deep curl human hair, price is __ call ___ to order”

Then you put the image. This is what everybody does. You on the other hand should stand out.

The presentation of the product is almost more important than the product itself.

If you’re selling a hair product for women, you have to put yourself in their shoes.

You have to find out what they want to achieve when they go to great lengths to make themselves beautiful.

A woman wants to look beautiful so that she can be attractive to the opposite sex.

And also to receive compliments from her fellow ladies.

As a lady, if you go for a whole month without anybody complimenting your good looks. Maybe your hair, your shape, skin, etc.

No compliment for one month. You would probably go and visit your pastor to ask if your village people are on your case.


Women like to be complimented. They like to be told that they look good. Women need external validation for their appearance.

So when you want to sell a beauty product. You have to present it as a product that will make them attract compliments left right and center.

A product that will make heads turn when they pass by. That is the unique marketing angle you can use.

Now what most people do is post about their product or service on all social media platforms. Facebook feeds, stories, Facebook groups, Whatsapp stories, and likes.

This is what everybody does but it isn’t effective beyond a level. There’s a limit to the number of sales you will be able to make with this method.

About 4 to 5 years ago, posting in Facebook groups was highly effective but when Facebook noticed that a lot of people were using it to make money, it decided to restrict its reach.

These days you can post in a group of 500k people and nobody will see it.

The computer algorithm has been set in such a way that there’s a limit to how many people can see your posts regardless of how large the group is.

Facebook did this because they wanted to maximize profits and they won’t make any money directly from those groups. They can only make money from ads.

So they have structured the system in such a way that, the only way you can get the best results is through ads. Because if you don’t run ads, they won’t make money.

Another point:

Every product has a market. What I mean is, that there is a specific category of people that can buy whatever you’re selling.

Not everybody can buy from you. Not everyone will be interested in what you’re selling.

Many business people miss this. They try to advertise to everybody instead of focusing on a particular set of people that are willing and able to buy from you.

Now when you post on social media platforms that is the same as advertising to everybody.

The same thing happens when you post on your app status.

Your app status consists of different categories of people. Old, young, male, female, the rich, the not-so-rich, and so on.

Only a small percentage of these people fall under the category of those who will be interested in buying from you.

Out of that small percentage that is interested, some won’t be able to afford it at that particular time or in the near future.

So if you have an average of about 150-200 views on your app status.

When you really look at it, only about 20 – 30 people are willing and able to buy. Most times the number isn’t up to that.

Now how can you get 500 sales in 3 months with this method? Impossible.

Sales is a game of numbers. The volume of sales is determined by how many people are informed of the product or service.

The person who puts his product in front of 100,000 people will definitely make more sales than the person who puts it in front of 500 people.

Also, the person who puts his product in front of 100,000 people within the space of one year will not make as many sales as the person who puts his product in front of 100,000 people within the space of 3 months.

The second person will put his product in the faces of 400,000 people within a year.

Do you see the difference?

Facebook ads are the tool you can use to achieve the result of the second person. Facebook has over 20 million users in Nigeria.

Now among these 20 million people on Facebook, tens of thousands of them will fall into the category of those who are willing and able to buy whatever you’re selling.

Those “tens of thousands” are your target market. Now, which other method can you use to reach those people as quickly as possible if not Facebook ads?

Now let’s talk about targeting.

What makes Facebook ads highly effective is the ability to structure your ads in such a way that only a certain category of people see them.

You can target specific locations. You can target a specific gender. You can target people who like a certain page. You can target people of a specific age bracket.

So if for example, you are trying to sell a supplement that helps men perform better in bed.

You first of all have to do your research and know the kind of people who will need it the most.

By doing a little research, you’ll find out that it’s middle-aged men that are more likely to need such a product. These are the kind of men that would majorly have this kind of issue.

So if you want to set your targeting, you will set it to ages 40 and above.

Because your aim should be to show your ads to not only those who are willing to buy the product but those who can afford it.

You target locations that have a high concentration of middle-class and rich people.

You set the gender to men because women don’t need to see such ads. They don’t need it.

There’s no point in advertising to people who will not be able to afford what you’re selling.

That would be a waste of advertising money. So if you’re selling a high-priced product, your best bet is to target the major cities in the country.

Like Lagos, Port-Harcourt, and Abuja. So targeting is very important. It is going to determine whether your ad will generate results or not.

One of the tricks in targeting is to study the type of people that have patronized you.

Check their age range.

The location where most of them are concentrated. These are the details you will use in your targeting. If you’re selling beauty products, obviously it’s ladies between the age of 25 and 33 are your best target.

It’s ladies of this age bracket that pay a lot of attention to those things.

If you’re selling products that are commonly given as gifts, you can target people who are most likely to give those items as gifts.

For example, if you’re selling a female product that men commonly give to their girlfriends as gifts, you can target men and present the product as a gift they can buy for their spouses.

If you’re selling children’s products, you target their parents. They are the decision-makers.

A lot of people can use a product but only a certain category of people will be financially able to buy it online.

For example, if you are offering a 25k bag for ladies, university girls would want to use such a bag but 95% can’t afford it.

So your best bet is to target ladies who are of the working class age. You also have to consider the ease of delivery.

We all know how Nigeria is. Interstate transportation is not very smooth. So before you run your ads you have to conclude on the locations where delivery will be easy.

If you live in Lagos for instance, you can make enough sales without selling to other states. Lagos is a state of over 22 million people so you can imagine.

Then if you’re pricing your products, you have to take all these factors into consideration. Cost of delivery, cost of the product itself, and cost of ads. Add all these together then add your profit.

Another thing you should do is to study other ads and see what is working for others.

When you see any post that has ‘sponsored’ at the top that means it’s an ad. So when you see ads check the number of comments.

If it has a lot of comments, it probably means a lot of people have engaged in the ad and it’s profitable. Nobody continues to run an ad if it isn’t making money.

If you are a consultant looking for clients you can use Facebook ads to get leads.

A lead basically means the contact details of somebody you intend to convert to your customer/client in the future.

So how do you run Facebook ads and run them profitably?

Not everyone can run Facebook ads profitably.

In fact, most people can’t. A lot of people just dive in without proper research into how this platform works. Now you can choose to do the research yourself which is good.

The only issue with that is it’s time-consuming.

There’s a lot of misleading information out there and you probably will get tired of searching before you get to the accurate ones.

Rather than waste time on endless and random research, you can just find someone who has the experience. Someone who has failed multiple times in a bid to test what works.

Rather than stressing yourself and wasting the time that you should be spending growing your business, you can just learn from such a person so that you don’t make the same mistakes that he has already made.

Facebook ads work.

It is your best chance at speeding up the rate at which sales come in. With Facebook ads, you can compress the profit that would usually take one year into two months.

With Facebook ads, you can show your products to 5,000 people within a day.

If you are a network marketer, Facebook ads are the most efficient way to recruit downlines and make huge sales.

If you’re a consultant there are thousands of potential clients on Facebook and Instagram who are looking for what you’re offering.

Now it is important to note that there are certain aspects of Facebook ads that can’t be taught on what’s app because you have to see them yourself.

It’s like driving a car, no matter how much is taught in class, you still have to get behind the steering wheel, watch how it’s done then copy it.

That’s why I have created a course that will show you the step-by-step methods for running profitable Facebook ads.

I call it


This course is a product of 2 years of research and multiple failures I have encountered along the way.

This course will help you avoid the same mistakes I made while starting out.

This course consists of 8 short videos that show you the step-by-step procedures for running Facebook and Instagram ads. Anybody can run Facebook ads.

If you can browse on Facebook and use what’s an app, then you can run Facebook ads.

The information in this course is so easy to follow that even a secondary school student can pick it up and start running ads.

This FACEBOOK ADS SALES GENERATION STRATEGY contains a strategy that a few business owners in this country (including myself) have used to generate millions of naira in sales.

98% of Nigerian business owners don’t know about this method. Out of the few that know about it, only a handful know how to use it to generate sales in their business.

And that is why I have recorded this FACEBOOK ADS SALES GENERATION STRATEGY where I will show you, step by step how to use your smartphone to create and run ads that will pull in customers for your business.

If you have been looking for a way to reach more customers online, especially on Facebook and Instagram, then this program is for you. In this course, you will learn the following:

  1. How to put your products in front of thousands of people on a daily basis using Facebook ads.
  2. How to run ads on Instagram and make sales without an Instagram account.
  3. How to generate massive sales on Instagram even without having many followers.
  4. How to create and monitor a Facebook and Instagram ad using your Smart Phone.
  5. How to create a Facebook page for your business for free.
  6. How to create a Facebook ad without a website.
  7. The perfect app you can use to run Facebook and Instagram ads.
  8. The 10 things to do to prevent your advert from getting disapproved.
  9. How to prevent Facebook from deactivating your advert account.
  10. The right amount to spend per day on your ad.
  11. How to resolve payment issues on your advert account.
  12. The FOUR different ways you can pay for your ads without stress.
  13. How to craft ads that will capture the attention of your prospective customer.
  14. How to find the kind of people that will be willing and financially able to buy from you online and how you can chase them all around the internet until they buy from you?
  15. How to run your ads like a professional.
  16. How to reach more people when you discover that your ads are performing well.

You will learn this and many other strategies in this FACEBOOK ADS SALES GENERATION STRATEGY

And the beauty of it is that you will be able to do everything with your smartphone.

In fact, if you purchase the FACEBOOK ADS SALES GENERATION STRATEGY today and you immediately implement what I will teach you there, you’re Facebook or Instagram ad could go live within the next 24 hours.

The guidelines are easy to follow. If you can read the contents of this what’s app group and understand it, then you will be able to apply the lessons in the video.

I also have five (5) bonuses I’m going to add for you if you pay within the next 24 hours.

Access to my exclusive telegram support group where you can ask questions about your ad at any time. (Worth N5, 000)

A FREE Video on How to Get Your Account back if Facebook has deactivated your account. (Worth N2, 000)

Another Video tutorial on How to Send Your Potential Customers to Your Whatsapp Using Facebook Ads. (Worth N3, 000)

A Video Training on How to Monetize Your WhatsApp. (Worth N2, 500)

A step-by-step Video on how to design beautiful and clear graphics for your business. (Worth N2, 000)

You will get unrestricted access to the FACEBOOK ADS SALES GENERATION STRATEGY plus all the bonuses listed above for a promo price of N1, 000.

This promo price is only available for those who make payment within the next 24 hours After which the price will go back to N5,000

If you really want to know how to set up your Facebook ads kindly indicate it in the comment section.

Meanwhile, do not forget to learn Graphics and Motion Designer

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