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Let’s begin to explain what Amazon kdp is all about: What is Amazon kdp?



Amazon KDP ( fully known as Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing) is a self-publishing platform owned by American billionaire Jeff Bezos. It’s part of his E-commerce Company, Amazon.

What Amazon KDP is all about

It’s called Self-publishing because it is done by the authors themselves for free. This is unlike normal publishing where the author will write and then send the manuscript to a publisher to publish for him.

You don’t have to pay Amazon to publish your book either as an ebook or paperback, even hardcover.

All you do is upload your book, set the price, and Amazon displays your book to millions of audiences scattered all over the world.

But if you’re tired of being broke. If you want to start feeding yourself and your family If you want to stop disturbing people for urgent 2k and so on Then treat this Amazon KDP as a business.

In nature, survival is the first principle. You may wonder ” Who is this Amazon KDP for?”

Anybody can do it. And if anybody can do it, YOU can do it. All you need to do this business are

  1. Internet connection
  2.  A device…smartphone.

Amazon KDP is therefore for everyone who is ready to leverage the billions of dollars released by Amazon every month.

Do you know the most interesting thing about Amazon KDP?

  1. You don’t have to be a writer ( A professional writer).
  2. You don’t need knowledge of how to write.
  3. You will not WRITE any book. ( With the introduction of writing without writing formula).

But in case you’re a writer, you are still welcome. If you go as a writer on Amazon you can still sell. It’s just that it might be difficult to rake in many sales.

This is because you are not popular with the US audience( about 80% of sellers on Amazon.

It will take you time to write many books ( Remember, the more books you have on Amazon, the higher you earn because of more sales).

There are many authors struggling to earn on the same Amazon because of this. What are the types of books you can publish on Amazon?

How-To-Do Books.

( For instance How- To -Prepare African Jollof Rice).

  1. Analysis
  2. Evergreen Books ( love story Book).
  3. Playbooks
  4. workbooks
  5. color books ( for children).
  6. Children’s playbooks
  7. jotters and dairies.
  8. Travelogue.
  9. sketchbooks and so on.

And these books require little or No text. When starting writing, it’s advisable You use a Pen name if you’re a non-American.

Let the name be an English Pen name that will not sound strange to your audience. Remember, this is business. For instance, you can Pen names such as Jonathan Pen, James Noble, Nancy the scribe, and so on.

Remember your Pen name is different from your Amazon KDP account details. When you’re opening your Amazon KDP account details, use your real name.

What are the steps to uploading your Kindle and Paperback versions of your book?

Very simple.

Write/ get your contents as a file.

Title/edit your book.

For an eBook, design your book cover and save it as a JPEG ( hints If you’re writing about ‘ How To prepare Bean cake ‘ for instance, the book cover can contain a very attractive picture of a woman ..I.e chef preparing fried yam.

For paperback,

  1. Design your book cover and save it as a PDF.
  2. Please don’t forget these points.
  3. Get your keywords.
  4. This is very crucial.

Keywords are those phrases/words people need to type in the search bar of Amazon for your book to appear out of the Billions of books listed on Amazon. On KDP, you are allowed to use 7 keywords.

You don’t just put any word as a keyword. NO. YOU RESEARCH ON THE RIGHT KEYWORDS TO USE.

  1. Set your book description
  2. Select price.
  3. And wait for the sales to start rolling in smiles.

You might say, ” But I don’t have content. ” How do I go about it?

You can use AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) to generate contents

You can hire ghostwriters ( From fiver). They write content for you, and you pay them.

But there is writing without a writing formula. And it’s absolutely free. This is the one I’d recommend for you.

It’s on this wonderful note, that I’d recommend the FULL COURSE PACKAGE ON Amazon KDP for YOU my wonderful online students. The knowledge of the course covers!

Creating KDP ACCOUNT $ US ACCOUNT. How To make the most of your dollars when converted.

  1. Creation of the following books
  2. Summary books
  3. color books.
  4. Evergreen books
  5. Lined Notebooks
  6. Journals
  7. All without writing.
  8. Also how to design book covers for each kind.
  9. Extras
  10. Swipes and templates files

The Extras will include

  1. Understanding pricing and how to fix the correct price for your books)
  2. Keywords Mastery
  3. Crafting book title,
  4.  the subtitle, and descriptions that sell well.

Staying safe on Amazon ( Things to avoid so that Amazon will not ban your Account). This one is very important for everybody.

Will You guide me/ Mentor me if I get started?


We have a telegram Community for all our students. There all of your questions and fears will be cleared.

We mentor You there. Even the course content creator himself is a member of that community. And he answers all questions.

How Do I get started?

Get the link NOW with which you purchase the Amazon KDP course material for just  With that, your journey into publishing on Amazon and earning in dollars begins.

But I have an OFFER for you. If you will purchase the material within the next 24 hours you will be giving a discount of 1k from my pocket

One thing I have learned in life is that learning is earning and earning is living your dream life.

See to register and publishing books on Amazon is free. But you need skills and knowledge to write and publish a book.

Those who delay an opportunity risk chance of losing out. Get your Amazon KDP training material now and cash out by month’s end.

I am waiting for you in my Dm to get you onboard. Don’t forget the offer is still on joined the moving train and earn in dollars.

Chat with me on WhatsApp, or Facebook to get your KDP course now!

Also, read How to publish books on amazon!

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