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How To Make Video Step By Step: Text Animation 2D Animation 3D Animation Video Editing And Creation



This training is for Beginners, medium, or advanced and for everyone who does not have any experience in video making, you will learn step by step.

Video editing and creation

This training is for everyone, who wants to make videos for fun or for business, you will learn everything from the basics to advanced techniques, you will learn how to animate, and how to make videos.

You will be able to create amazing animations for your business and engage with your audience with professional animations.

I’m glad to tell you that you are in the right place where your need will be met as video and 3D animation is concerned.

I’m so pumped up to reveal to you powerful strait ages to dominate your industry and make money online with Video. And get your family to be proud of what you do.

Why do you need a video advert or animated video?

Gain more followers, by adding videos to your social feeds, which make audiences 10x more likely to engage and share your posts.

Sell faster – using the power of video, as 79% of consumers have stated they prefer to view a product video than read boring text on a webpage.

When you use video to explain how your products work or the benefits of your products, people rush and buy from you without any single doubt.

The most important thing is that you can make a huge amount of money helping business owners create video Advert

Someone made 100k among my students within a week by creating a video Advert for business owners which people found difficult to believe

Do not feel bad about this, because I’m going to show you the way if you are ready.

It may seem like child play to some, but don’t joke with it because this skill has made many people millions.

Having said that, There are different types of video.

  1. Text Animation
  2. 2D Animation
  3. 3D Animation
  4. Video Editing and Creation

We are going to start from the elementary to the professional one. We are going to cover everything but

We are going to start with a beginner Class.

How to create a stunning video advert in 5 minutes

  1. This type of video advert can be used to create product advert
  2.  Birthday video wishes
  3.  Greetings
  4.  Announcement
  5.  Church / Mosque program awareness
  6. Promo Offer
  7. And lots more

I called it Simple Video Advert because it’s very easy to create in a few minutes. In this training, we are not using any complicated Software or tools like Adobe Premiere. No, we are not.

You are using your Smartphone. This type of Video is called text Animation. You need two Apps to create this type of Video ad. Which are

  1.  Legend
  2.  In short

This legend app is no more on the play store or App Store do sell it for #10,000 and its pro version. Pro Version means it’s a paid App because it won’t contain a watermark.

It’s #2,000 per month based on a subscription on the play store if you see it there, even though it’s no more available. But I congratulate you for being in this class, I will be giving you it for free.

You know I’m a nice man, that’s why my students love me. You may see the legend app, but you can’t see this type of legend on the play store.

How can you use these two apps to create powerful simple video ads within 5mins?

Download related pictures for the background of your video clips E.g. If you are Creating Video advertisements for real estate, download different types of houses, and happy people sitting comfortably inside their houses.

And lots more. Make sure it’s related pictures that you download, depending on the type of video advert you understanding

You can Watch the video sample that has been uploaded on the YouTube channel for a better understanding. Millions of Image backgrounds for your video ads

Below are some websites where you can download powerful clean pictures free, on any category of interest for video ads, graphic designs, or any other interest.


I personally do use the number 6 there’s no kind of design without a background to align with it.

 How can you create an attention-grabbing video that can generate customers every day?

How can you create an attention-grabbing video that will make people pay you a huge amount of money? And what are the elements of good video ads?

Videos capture your attention and that of your audience longer and more thoroughly than images or any other advertising medium and that’s more reason why you should embrace them.

Producing professional-quality videos is essential not only because you can promote your business in a more dynamic way, but you can leverage your brand in places where still images and text cannot go.

You know when you are watching a video on YouTube or Facebook and a video ad pops up and the terrible thing is that you cannot skip the video and you have no choice but to watch it? That’s a Spot video

So, before you can create an attention-grabbing video, you need these:

  1. Good Script
  2. Resources
  3. Creativity
  4. Right Sound effect

I won’t be able to give full details explanation, but

In summary

Script the script is the text, the written information you want to pass across. Don’t Forget the Call-to-Action in your script.

Every marketing video should have a call-to-action (CTA) that asks the audience to call for more information or to buy the product.

The CTA creates an urgency to take action. A good example of a call to action is, to learn more about video editing. All these are called calls to action (CTA).

  1. Resources
  2. Creativity
  3.  Sound effect
  4.  It’s also called Background sound
  5.  Background music

Sound is very important in your video, you should be able to know how to add Good background sound to your video that will hook people’s emotions.

Your resources are your graphics, audio, background video, and a lot more I asked one of my students, the same question about elements of a good video.

I read her reply because it’s highly useful. By now, it’s clear that video is an essential channel for marketers.

But what makes a great video? And what keeps viewers engaged? Is it a good story?

Maybe it’s all about reaching the right audience at the right time. Critically looking deep at some favorite marketing videos, I found out that all marketing videos have some common traits.

Some of which are:

Focus on stories, not sales If you want your video to be watched, it needs to create some kind of value for the viewer. Videos that are purely focused on a brand, or driving sales, will likely be ignored.

The best video content tells stories that connect with the viewer. The better you tell stories about yourself, the more likely your viewers are going to understand what your company is offering and what it can do for them.

A great example of a storytelling advert is Airtel. I can remember how we all look forward to the next series of Airtel advertisements. We even went as far as going to YouTube to download “The rainmaker”

Use the first few seconds wisely

Attention spans online are short. In fact, the average attention span is now just 8.5 seconds. When it comes to creating a successful video, you must bring your story to life quickly.

So as to instantly gather interest as people scroll through their feeds. In the opening seconds, you must give clarity to what your video is about and give the viewer confidence that what they’re about to watch is working their time.

Make your message clear. Your script says everything about your video. Before going into producing your video, be sure you already got a well-laid script.

Make sure your video is entertaining. Make sure your video is fun to watch, that’s the only thing that can caption your audience at the 1st instant.

Creativity and surprises in as much as it’s needed, it’s important that you make it simple. But every customer/client will be WOWed and anything that is new.

Having taken you through this, let’s move from elementary class to semi- advance video editing class.

We shall be using an app called Kinemaster Rush down to your Playstore or App store Search for Kinemaster and then Download it.

How to Import New Video into Kinemaster.


I will be sharing more free Training on my WhatsApp status and at the same time, sending all my contacts list some free Training.

In order to have access to this, you will need to save my contact but I don’t want to stress you you saving my contact.

So, have done the job for you, all you have to do is to import the file I will send into your phone and within 8 seconds, you save my contact.

Introduction of Kinemaster and how to Import project (video)

Video Editing Training is a training that will take 5 to 7 days which we may not finish here.

So, anyone who intends to make money with the skill or advertise with stunning Video will need to grab my offer by the end of the training

Today, I will be introducing you to advance 3D animation and end the class with Kinemaster

3D Animation

The least amount you can collect to create this type of Video for business owners is not less than #20,000

You can charge #50,000 and above. If the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable.

Why must you learn 3D Animation? Of what benefit is it for you? Who are those that really need video editing and 3D Animation? Here is the summary of the video tutorial

 Video Tutorial 1

Put your phone in desktop mode.

Video 2

Pick template. Pick a template that is corresponding to your project.

 Video Tutorial 3

After picking a template base on your project, pick an Avatar Pick a male Avatar for a male voiceover, and pick a female Avatar for a female voiceover.

Then, know the project to use male Avatar and female Avatar for Add Voice. There is already made sale copy on the website, you can use it directly.

Decorate and design your Avatar as you wish but make it professional. Give it a professional look.


Position your Avatar correctly. Render it and download Pick a nice Sound with a good color combination.

Then, pick your Avatar, change the dresses, and put on glasses on his/her face where necessary. Just make sure you decorate the Avatar cooperate or funny depending on your choice. Let’s move on to part 2!

How to remove the animation background and change it to your image or video?

Is it only videos done on avatar builder that the background can be edited? There is no app for the Avatar Builder, it’s a website and there is no free or trial version for the website.

Pay full attention here. I want to give just 10 participants the opportunity to make #100,000 every month by creating 3D Animation just like our previous students.

We have a guaranteed script that will use to get clients. We charge a minimum of #20,000 per video Animation Advert. Introducing my simple offer to you that can fetch you at least 100K to 200k monthly.

Or Sell your physical and digital products sell faster than ever before.

I Would give you lifetime access to an avatar builder worth $69 ~ 40,000 In naira. I would give you lifetime access to Kinemaster without a watermark.

I would show you how to get your first 10 clients In 15 days. I would teach you how to create character Animation.

I will show you how to advertise any good or products with Video and make people buy massively

I would give You 6 Months’ access to me. All these are for free. If you join our video editing and 3d Animation Class.

I can easily charge you 50K for all of these but if you act fast today only. Instead of paying $69 (#40,000)

You Would Be Paying just 8,000 Naira ($15) or 85Ghana Cedia. But the first 5 fastest fingers will get it at 5,000 Naira or 65 Ghana cedis Only.

You would Start your 3D Animation and video marketing editing business. Editing journey and In 14 days you would have to make your first 50K or I refund your money and you Keep all the training and software.

Are you ready to join us?

I need only 5 people and the offer Is close. How about you Create a Marketing video for

  1. Real Estate
  2.  Cryptocurrency
  3.  Agent
  4.  Caterer
  5.  Clothes sellers
  6. And many more business owners.

Imagine you create just only 5 video Adverts in a month and collect #20,000 each. That’s a cool  #100,000

What about you marketing your products, business, and services with 3D Animation and getting tons of paid customers? And get massive results!

Let me show you what you are going to miss in the video editing and 3D animation Master Class if you don’t sign up now

How to create 3D animation and video advert to draw massive traffic, grow your list and boost Profits with Ease!” Videos Are the new upcoming source of traffic, leads, and profits.

It is a new way to make yourself lovable to people to the point that when you make a video and post, you truly get people taking action, especially to buy from you.

How to tap into video advertisements and 3D animation And explode your online business Income Immediately!

Making the magic happen. How to create amazing 3D Animation that steals attention, turns strangers into customers, and builds trust with the speed of light.

What I shared in this video will burst your bubble about what magic means.

How to make between #100,000 to #150,000 in 30 days and get your First paying Clients in 7 days. This is very easy because there is a ready-made copy-and-paste job script for you.

My “never-before-seen two exclusive sections making money sectors (worth #50,000). There’s much more.

How to create the kinds of video advertisements that make folks fall in love with you, see you as the God in their lives, and behave like those hypnotized by your videos?

Wetting I go create?

Steal my top 2 strategies to find new video ideas every single time you want to create a video. So you no longer say I don’t have video ideas or I’m not creative.

Meanwhile, if you really need the course kindly drop a message in the comment section I will reply immediately for your services.

Also, read Multiple 7-Figure Digital Marketer And Facebook Advertiser.

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