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Updates: Court Granted Permission To The Presidential Candidates Labour Party (LP) And Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).



The Presidential Election Court (PEC) in Abuja on Friday granted permission to the presidential candidates of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the Labour Party (LP), Atiku Abubakar and Peter Obi to inspect materials used for the February 25 election.

Updates: Court Granted Permission To The Presidential Candidates Labour Party (LP) And Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

People’s reactions after the Federal court granted the presidential candidate labor party (LP) and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to inspect materials used for the February 25 election on the Facebook platform.

Chris Arinze:

Studied at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka
Went to Federal Government College, Enugu, Nigeria
Lives in Onitsha
From Enugu, Nigeria

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Chris Arinze: commented on the Facebook post says:

Fight the system, don’t fight the people Following the 2023 general election results and the obvious irregularities that took place, many have been sad while some are rejoicing.
The situation has developed into a deep hatred for one another while insults, vituperations, and curses seem to be heard among the warring parties.
While you have every reason to be sad, the other person has his own reasons to rejoice. But the question is, are the happy ones the cause of the situation? No, the system is.
The flawed system gave room for irregularities and some took advantage of it. Don’t fight the people, fight the system.
Never be demoralized by the situation, that’s exactly what the system wanted to induce in you. Stand up gallantly and gentlemanly to fight the system. Never allow it to have a full breath.
Till you win, never quit and the people will see the reasons why you have been fighting the system. Till then, the people are still your friends and not enemies.
Smile🥰, be resilient, and be peaceful.
Arinze Udaba.

Another person also commented immediately Arinze udaba drop his own opinion concerning the presidential election of 2023.

Name: Fasugba Ezekiel Oluwawonuola

MD/CEO at Man-Teknology Enterprises MTE
Former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder at Self-Employed (Business)
Went to Ilesha Grammar School, Ilesa
Lives in Lagos, Nigeria
From Ilesha
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Ezekiel Oluwawonuola commented on the Facebook post says:

I love it when some people are ready to spend the money they stole stylishly when they were in office to pursue a negative mission in vain, that’s how God will be fighting for the poor masses they cheated. LP and PDP now romancing, there’s no way Leopards can change the color of their skin. I think people can now see that the coast is becoming clear, and two of them will soon curse themselves. I dey watch the seasons film.

Owoidighe Akpan Udo‘s 253 friends on the Facebook platform also commented that My suggestion is that, they should bow while we move ahead. Remember the previous court precedences.

Except he wants to pay loyalty to the lawyers. Higher recognition if he salutes and moves on. Such a challenge is as meaningless as a ball without air inside. It cannot roll. Says by Owoidighe Akpan Udo.

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