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The Comprehensive Master Class On Leveraging Social Media For Wealth & Influence:



In this segment of the course, you’ll discover the 3-part strategies on how you can use social media to gain wealth and influence with just your skill.

Social Media For Wealth & Influence

The first part will reveal to you Personal Branding secrets you must know and apply in order to gain ground in your industry.

The second part reveals how you can storify your Brand, build, engage with your audience and attract high-paying clients.

In the third part, you’ll also learn Social Media etiquette & engagement strategies for wealth & influence. I will show you what you should and shouldn’t do on social media in order to grow and scale your Brand.

The Right Tools You Need to Build a Winning Portfolio and How to Use Them Even If You’re a Newbie:

Making money is not the most important thing but knowing how to manage and multiply it, so you don’t go back to being broke tomorrow.

I’ll reveal to you the methods I use in managing and multiplying every penny I make and how to make more money doing less by working smart.

The Production & Delivery System:

You’ll also learn how to create an amazing customer experience using my production & delivery system. This system works for all kinds of skills.

With this, you’ll learn how to satisfy your clients with your service through the unique delivery system I’ll reveal to you.

This way, you’ll keep your clients coming back to you every single time and even refer you to other people.

The influencer connects blueprint:

Influencers are people already making it BIG in their different industries, their names are written in pure GOLD, and having access to such people can change your game entirely but you and I know it’s difficult to get to them.

You’ll learn how to approach and build quality & profitable relationships with influencers and mentors without looking like a parasite.

Once you’re able to get into their circle, you’re on your way to becoming an Influencer too. You will also learn how to leverage and use these relationships to boost your skill.

The Unknown E.G Process of Making More Money by Doing Less + Money Management & Multiplication Strategies:

A Done-For-You Guide on Discovering Your Unique Voice, Message & Profitable Niche:

With this, you’ll get a practical guide on how to find your voice. The truth is, what differentiates you from your competitors is your voice and uniqueness and if this isn’t discovered and communicated, your prospects will have no reason to choose you over your competitors.

It is what stands you out in the marketplace and makes you the go-to guy or lady whom your prospects can trust wholeheartedly.

The wealth psychology cheat sheet:

You’ll not just learn how to deal with your limiting wealth beliefs but also how wealthy people think and get wealthy.

The ultimate goal-setting system:

You’ll learn the unique goal-setting system that will help you set and smash your goals no matter how difficult they may seem.

My Complete Breakthrough Story:

I will share with you how I went from a broke undergraduate to a successful business owner with just my skill and a secret tool.

NOTE: With all the secrets I will be spilling in THE SKILL TO PROFIT PROGRAM, you won’t have to go through the stress, pains, and hectic process of making the same mistakes I made to get to where I am today.

It took me years of research, trial, and error to discover these secrets, but you would be getting all of them from me in just 21 DAYS. Phew!

This is mind-blowing, right?

That’s not all. You would also get:

How is this mentorship program different?

We don’t just feed you with knowledge but we feed you with practical knowledge. Every single thing you’ll learn from this academy is practical and we make use of real-life experiences.

Also, the lessons & materials are organized in the best way possible and are easy to understand.

You’ll get all the support system you need, with follow-ups and an accountability system.

Plus, the lessons are uniquely tailored to suit your personality and busy schedule.

Now here is the craziest part of it all

Only the first 10 persons who will make the payment now will be able to steal this program from me for just ₦4,990 instead of ₦20,000. That’s a whopping 75% discount!

Hello, you need to deposit 10 Million naira for the surgery in 24 hours or else.

What if you received a call from the doctor telling you the above statement? That you will be needing 10 Million for the surgery or else your sister will die in 24 hours.

How would you feel?

Will you be confident enough to tell the doctor that you will transfer the money to the hospital account in a few minutes or probably a couple of hours?

Or will your eyes bulge open in disbelief, your heartbeat race like a cheetah, your mouth fall open gasping for air, then you yelp for help?

And even after running helter-skelter and begging from door to door, you still couldn’t come up with the money.

At that point, you throw your hands up in the air and place them on your head because your 24 hours will soon elapse. Despite all your efforts, you couldn’t raise the money and your sister died.

I am not a carrier of bad news but take a second to imagine how you will hate yourself for not being able to gather up money to save her life.

Crying, wailing, begging the doctor to revive your sister, slapping your cheek to snap out of the dream and come back to reality.

Even after having high-income skills that can make you as much money as you want, you still couldn’t raise the money.

I know how frustrating it can be to have skill but you are not making any money or you make peanuts with it.

I have been in your shoes before, but I found a way out!

Today, I make money comfortably with my skills and I have also taught over 380 people how to turn their skills into cash machines with powerful testimonies to show.

For 21 days, I want to hold your hands and show you how to turn your skill into a cash machine so that you can be financially free and raise money in any emergency.

The question is, “Will you let me guide and mentor you for 21 days?

The skill-to-profit program is the only program that will show you how to move from Earning Peanuts to making 6-Figures+ with your skill in 21 days.

Over 380 persons have enrolled to be a part of this program in all editions with amazing testimonials.

  380+ persons can’t be all wrong

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll be getting in this intensive mentorship program:

The SRCS system for attracting and closing high-paying clients that won’t stress your life:

This secret SRSC system I discovered is the missing piece of the puzzle, you need to fix to start attracting clients that can pay you as high as ₦300,000 and above monthly and won’t stress your life.

How would you feel if you could pay your bills without punching the calculator all the time?

Take a moment to imagine.

The confident grin on your face as you bring out your card – the power that you finally defeated your greatest enemy, SAPA (poverty) – the joy that you can afford anything you want, not just settle for what is available.

The truth is, you are a student in the Federal University because you couldn’t afford a Private University OR you couldn’t afford to take that half scholarship to study abroad because you don’t have the financial means to do so.

I am sure every morning you wake up with the motivation of doing more because you want to take care of your family and give your unborn children a life you couldn’t afford.

Now, the problem is, if you don’t find a way to earn a good amount of money, you still won’t be able to give them the life you desire.

But it’s not too late.  What if you could learn how to make at least ₦300K monthly with your skill?

The Skill to Profit Program is the only program that will show you how to move from Earning Peanuts to making 6-Figures+ with your skill in 21 days.

Imagine having foodstuff in your kitchen but you can’t prepare a delicious and mouth-watering meal for yourself when you are hungry.

Not because you don’t want to but because you don’t know how to prepare that delicious meal.

Sounds painful and frustrating, right?

That’s the same way having a skill and not knowing how to turn it into a massive cash-generating machine can be painful and frustrating when you need money.

You know that you have all it takes to make 6-figures+ with your skill but you don’t know how to do it yet.

I am glad you fully understand your problem and know that it’s only a fool that will see their problems and not want to solve them.

Well, you don’t need to feel guilty I was once in your shoes so I understand perfectly.

Now, guess what?

I found a way out and now I make over 6 figures monthly with my skills.

I have also helped a lot of people (over 380 students) like you through the Skill-To-Profit mentorship program who struggled with turning their skills into massive cash move from earning peanuts to making at least ₦300K monthly

If you also want to learn how to turn your skill into a cash-generating machine that makes you nothing less than ₦300K monthly then you must join the skill-to-profit mentorship program today.

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