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I Want To Officially Welcome You To This Passive Income Generator!



I welcome you all to this Digital marketing master class where I would be teaching you a profitable business model that can generate 6-7 figures for you online.

Passive Income Generator

I’m more passionate about training youths on Digital Marketing skills and monetization, as well as helping youths attain Financial Freedom through Digital Marketing Skills.

To achieve this aim, I regularly run Online training to open the eyes of youth to the oil wealth embedded in Digital Marketing.

Before I go into the main topic, I would want to talk to us about MINDSET

I discovered that our minds have a major role to play in our success… If you have the right mindset, you would attract the right things into your life. It all starts from the mind! Your mind is your greatest asset!

Success is the combination of a lot of things

But there are things that are very important that you cannot do without and if you get it right then you are going on a progressive journey to becoming successful and your mindset is one of them.

If you would agree with me you are what you think and what you think is who you become

So implication, you are your mindset. To what extent of greatness you can see and visualize is what you can achieve so if your mind is little you become little

How far your mind is big you become big. Work on your mind because it is your first tool to greatness.

Now let’s get into the main topic. What you should be expecting after this master’s class

At the end of this class, you would know the step-by-step guide on how to start profitable online biz that generates 6-7 figures right from the comfort of your home with your smartphone even if you have not made a dime online before

My agenda for this training?

I know you might be asking yourself “If this business model can generate 6-7 figures for you, why would you want to share it for free?”

Well, the truth is I have 2 reasons for making this training free. My goal is to provide you with quality and sufficient information through this training to help you make a good amount of money.

I discovered that many people live in poverty not because they are not smart or hardworking but because they lack the information that will take them to the next level…

I strongly believe in giving people value so that they can become better financially.

I’m making this training free because it gives me exposure.

I get to meet and connect with people who I wouldn’t have gotten access to ordinarily. Now you know why I am doing this

What I need from you

Focus: I need you to put aside every distraction because this training has the potential of adding an extra 6 – 7 figures to your income.

And the only way you’ll be able to get the best is by paying 100% attention to the training.

Have an implementation mindset:

I need you to make up your mind that you are going to take action. I need you to play a part in your own rescue and that is by implementing and taking action on what you would learn today.

Do we have a deal? if you agree, type YES

Tonight, I’ll be opening up your minds to the situation of the average income earner in Nigeria and how you can avoid such a situation becoming your fate by creating an additional source of income for yourself

Having one source of income, especially in a country like Nigeria is suicidal. It is no longer news that we are experiencing hardship in the country.

Like I mean things are extremely difficult in the country right now Food prices are on the high side daily

Inflation is everywhere and further devaluation of the naira and it is the poor masses that suffer it.

So it becomes important since the government does not care for its citizens. then the citizens should care for themselves by seeking more ways to generate income so they can live above the poverty level and also live the life of their dreams.

If you’re a student here, a copper or you’re job hunting, the truth is the labor market(white collar job) is saturated and the available jobs pay very little and have high requirements you need to meet ranging from grades(first class,  institution attended and with years of experience, etc.

The government has also proven unreliable. You need to start finding what to do, you need to find legitimate ways to earn money.

That should be where all your hopes and efforts should be, not in relying on the failed government.

Also for those already working

Your salary is not enough, you are simply working from pocket to mouth. In most cases, before they pay you the salary self, you must have spent it in advance.

If you keep on going like this how will you buy a car? How will you build a house? How will you go on vacations abroad?

So now, you understand why you need to find an alternative. Your alternative should be another business that people call a side hustle

The reason for this is so that you can able to have more sources of income and be able to save more and explore profitable opportunities. The only way out of all these is to make money!

Just make more money.

The elites and the first-class citizens in Nigeria don’t feel much of these economic effects.

I know you’ll say in your mind “but making money is not easy” I know but then it becomes easier when you have access to the right information and the right set of people.

Some of you here might have made a few bucks here and there. A major percentage haven’t

The first thing you should know is that there is plenty of money online, in fact everywhere! The money available can go round and there will still be excess.

But if there is so much money, why are so many people broke??

The reason is not fetched, people are broke because they don’t have the access to the right information about money or how to attract money.

You see, the major difference between a rich man and a poor man is access to quality information. A rich man knows what a poor man doesn’t hence he is richer.

When you think of money, think of a value you can give in exchange for money.

Money is simply an exchange of value.

If you want to buy a phone now, you will give the phone seller money and he will give you the phone (Value) so, to have money, think of what you can offer people as the value that will make them give you money in exchange.

Value could be in form of:

  1. A skill
  2. A product
  3. A service

All money is made from selling. A teacher sells his knowledge to get paid. A mechanic sells his skills and expertise in exchange for money. A trader sells his products in exchange for money.

So, you must sell something to get money, let that sink. So let’s talk about why you’re not making money especially online.

But Before that, let’s look at how people make money offline.. (the shops, offices, and companies around)

In the simplest possible terms. A company that has an office, surveys the market and sees what people need…

They go ahead to create a product or a service. So people can buy as a solution to what they need or want right?

After a lot of tests and failures, the company finds something that sells. Now the company knows the product works.

So they begin to scale massively to reach various states, and countries so they can have more people to offer value in exchange for money.

Place emphasis on the word scale If you go into a business with no scaling plans. You will continue to be termed a small business.

Scaling is how people dominate and capture market share. Scaling is what makes people multi-millionaires.

That’s what takes someone to billionaire status. Note this, business = money scalable business = big money.

So that’s how to make money offline how about online?

Before I proceed. If you understood the little things I explained above. Indicate by dropping your comment below!

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