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Become Obsessed With Marketing and Selling Your Genius



Marketing your product means creating a buzz, which means telling everyone about it. It means shouting it from the rooftop and on top of your voice if you need to.  It means wearing, drinking, sleeping, and breathing your product.

Marketing and selling your products

Contrary to what you may have heard before now, the aim of your marketing is not to get your name out there or brand your company.

No! Marketing is about getting clients to take action. Letting them know that what you have is what they need and doing that in such a way that they buy what you are selling from you and no one else.

What you need is to get people to buy what you have for sale. A new business that doesn’t have people buying from it as soon as possible will soon die.

All you want to achieve with your marketing and your adverts is to make your customers take action and buy what you are selling, directly from you, one on one, if possible.

To create good marketing campaigns you need to find out what your customers want, what triggers them to buy, what motivates them, and what their objections are.

When you find out these things, then you will know exactly how to talk to them in your advert so that they will buy from you and your business.

Your irresistible offer can be the best thing ever created since sliced bread but if your prospective clients don’t know how it will help them, then your offer would just languish on your shelf. Therefore, give your prospective client everything they need to know to make a decision.

 Explain the benefit

Tell them how your skill or talent will help them solve their problems. When you give them everything they need to know to make a decision, and you explain and show them all the details, then they will be most likely to buy from you.

Remember to take away the risk from your customer by making them extra comfortable to buy from you without any fear of loss whatsoever.

Customers are wary. They have worked hard for their money and do not want to waste it, so take away that fear by giving them some form of guarantee. I do this all the time for all my products and services.

Say it in plain clear language.

If you buy (name of your product /service) and you do not get value for it, simply say so and I will give you a 100% refund of your money back. No questions asked.”

Please, before you give guarantees make sure that you can deliver on your promise

Bold, I can’t do that. If I did, everybody would ask for their money back.”

No. It won’t happen. Trust me. People will only request a refund if you sell them a TERRIBLE product or service.

Instead, this guarantee will rather make you more money because once people feel safe and are convinced that no matter what, their purchase is safe, your sales will double!

Which situation would you prefer? To have no guarantee and have 4 people buy from you every day or to have a guarantee and have 10 people buy from you, even if two of them ask you to make good on the guarantee?

In the first scenario, only 4 people buy. In the second one, you end up with 8 buyers.

Next, tell them exactly what they need to do to buy your product or service; take them step-by-step through the purchase process. If it’s an order link, tell them where to click.

If they need to make a deposit at the bank, give them all your bank and account details.

If you want them to call you on the phone and place their order, make sure your phone number is there.

This is how the top boys who are earning big in your field do it.

If you implement the 6 foundational steps I have shared with you in this free master class then you could be on your way to turning your SKILL into a profitable business that will consistently generate at least ₦300K monthly. But here is the thing

The 6 foundational steps I shared with you are just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more that you need to learn in order to move from earning peanuts to making 6-figures+ monthly.

One thing I have also noticed is that despite how much I gave you value and made everything easy, some people still didn’t make good use of this opportunity.

This then makes me believe that; yes you can take a horse to the river, but you cannot force it to drink water. What I have done in these past 3 days is take you to the river

The question now is are you willing to drink?

If you’re one of those who doesn’t care about their personal development or who care less about their financial status and how they can be more then this is not for you

After over 5 years of making crazy money with my skills, I discovered it’s not just about making a few thousand nairas here and there but having a proper structure in place that can consistently bring in high-paying clients that won’t stress your life with ease.

Making money is the easy part, anybody can make money but scaling up to making a predictable income with your skills and retaining that money is the difficult part that many people struggle with.

I have carefully arranged and documented everything you’d need to make, retain and multiply your wealth with your skill in The Skill-To-Profit 21 Days Mentorship Program (STP)

The Skill To Profit Program is the ONLY program that will show you how to move from Earning Peanuts to making 6-Figures+ with your skill in 21 days.

Over 380 persons have enrolled to be a part of this program in all editions with amazing testimonials.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll be getting in this intensive mentorship program:

Stay local go global power guide

You will learn how to create Foreign,  DOLLAR, EURO & BRITISH POUND Accounts that you can use to easily receive money from clients all over the world.

You will also learn how to create unlimited DOLLAR VIRTUAL CARDS with a $5,000 daily transaction limit that you can use to engage in global transactions with ease.

The pricing arabesque

You will learn first-hand to turn your skill into an irresistible offer and how to expertly price your offers in such a way that gets prospective clients begging to take their money.

How to create multiple streams of income from your skill.

You don’t need to have several skills before you can create multiple streams of income. With just one skill, you can create more than 4 streams of income. I will teach you how to do this.

You will also learn how to create a profitable course from your skill and get people to pay to learn from you.

Up work money blueprint

In this module, you’ll learn how to create an approved Upwork account and write proposals that will leave your prospective clients with no other option but to work with you.

Fiver Money Blueprint

In this module, you will be learning secrets to earning ₦300,000+ monthly from just offering your skill as a service on Fiver.

 LinkedIn money blueprint

You’ll also learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile so it can attract only high-paying clients that won’t stress your life.

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