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How to make money online without any investment



How to make money online without any investment. Making money online is very easy if you find out about the real platform. In this context, I will teach you the best way and the best platform or website which will enable you to earn money while you are sleeping. But you must know that if you did not put effort you will not make money online. For that reason, you must have an internet connection and a good smartphone or laptop.

How to make money online without investment!

Meanwhile, making money online is a choice because I said it early that you must work hard to earn money online.

Because I will use myself as an example, I have been working online I know how much effort I put I started making money online.

Therefore, some people have given up due to the wrong platform they find themselves on or not being serious about the business.

Things you will do to make money online

For you to make it online you must engage yourself with digital products. You may ask, what is the meaning of digital products?

Digital products are those products you can find in the digital market such as

  1. Content Creator
  2. How to create e-books.
  3. Mining cryptocurrency.
  4. Affiliate marketing.
  5. Digital marketing.
  6. Blogging.
  7. Trading of digital assets.
  8. Designer.

Content Creator

Contents creator is the process of composing comprehensive information or this is a way to describe a particular thing for other people to understand it.

Making up content is the same way of putting information for people to learn from other people across the globe.

However, for you to create content it means that you have a particular thing to tell your students or friends which will able to help them to understand what you are telling them is true.

For example, if I want to teach my friend how to start up an online business who is living in the United States American. I have to compose a message that I will send to him.

In that message, I will make sure that everything is well explained so that he or she read the message the person can able to put at work.

How to create an e-book

E-books can be converted from content there is no difference between content and ebook. E-books can create by composing particular information.

However, e-books can be converted to pdf, AZW3, EPUB, LRF, MOBI, OEB, and PDB. In that case, I will drop you a link to read the meaning of the ebook. In the former post, we wrote about how to start up Amazon publishing.

Publishing books on Amazon is also called e-books, digital content is an ebook. Majorly an ebook explaining most of the digital products in the digital market.

E-books are information written with a particular electronic device. Which explained a particular problem, an e-book, is a piece of information that is capable solve one problem to another other.

E-books can be accessed through an electronic device such as a laptop, desktop, Andriod phone, palmtop, and so on!

Mining cryptocurrency

As we said early, everybody can make money online without investing any money.  To make money with cryptocurrency either you are mining or trading on it. But for you to benefit from cryptocurrency you must know the right one to invest into.

Therefore, the best thing is to go into cryptocurrency mining where you will not spend a dime. You must not invest money in cryptocurrency before start making money.

I can recommend you a cryptocurrency mining company that is legit and has over 35 million people and 45 million people download and active miners.

This mining company has decided to develop a blockchain that will help anybody that has a smartphone and internet connection to mine the crypto cryptocurrency on daily basis.

These companies are satoshi-core, pi network, sweat-coin, bitcoin legend, bitcoin hunter, and Shiba mining.

How to mine satoshi-core

Satoshi core is a very good company that has blessed so many people by giving BTC give way. BTC gives away normally perform in the satoshi application if a varied miner invited or recruited a new miner to join the mining machine or blockchain.

That is the area where the system will give the miner a number to vote a particular word which is BTC.

Meanwhile, let’s talk about how to make money online or by mining a cryptocurrency.  For you to register satoshi you must have an Android phone iPhone or apple phone that is not supported for the mining.

Click HERE to register for the wonderful mining, please follow the instructions which the system will display on the screen.

A code may display for you to confirm that you are not a robot which can be a captcha that is what the system screen will display for you.

After that, you will need to verify your email account, by entering your email, and clicking verifies the system will display a write-up that a code was sent to your email.

In that case, go to your email and copy the code come back to the registration page past the code and click verify.

After that, your email has been verified successfully. Then, it will bring another page that says that you should enter your password and confirm the password to avoid a mistake.

After that one, you have successfully registered to the satoshi app. Now the system will display two options for you to download the mining application.  I will advise you to click the Google play store to download it immediately.

After downloading what remaining is to verify or complete your KYC. You may ask what is KYC? KYC means knowing your customer.

How to verify

You know that after downloading the app will install automatically on your electronic device.

Now click the app, and it will display scroll down you will see START MINING click start mining it will display before you can start mining you have to log in.

Click login enter your email account and password and click login. After you have successfully login click start mining it will also tell you the same thing before you can start mining you have to verify your identity.

Then, click Verify in this stage you have to follow the screen instructions by positioning your face on the screen frame.

Things you will do to be verified on the satoshi app

  1. Position your face on the screen frame.
  2. Turn your head to the right.
  3. Turn your head to the left.
  4. wink.
  5. Raise your head up slowly.
  6. Raise your head down slowly
  7. Open your mouth.

You will do all this for the system to confirm that you are not a robot and also to secure your account so that nobody will have access to your satoshi application or account.

Affiliate marketing

This is a process of referring people to a particular company to buy goods and you make your profit. Affiliate marketing is when you direct a friend to buy goods from an Amazon store.

So after the friend purchases the goods and made payment Amazon will collect his own money and give you your percentage which is called affiliate marketing.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is to promote products or services on the internet with electronic devices such as laptops, desktops, and Android phones or smartphones.

A person who wants to make money online can pick up particular products and promote them on the internet with her smartphone. Which will help you to earn money by advertising digital products on the daily basis.


Blogging is another way to make a huge amount of money every month. Blogging is to give information on the internet, creating a solution through a content creator.

This method has helped so many people to solve their problems. A person who is given information on the internet is a blogger.

Trading digital assets

Yes, you can make money through trading digital assets. A digital asset can be e-books and cryptocurrency and more in the digital market.


As a designer, you can make a lot of money by designing people different types of flyers, banners, ID cards, and so many of them.

Meanwhile, I know that you have learned something about how to start up a successful business without money getting involved.

To know more things about online business do not forget to read What is Amazon KDP?

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