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How To Make Money Online: The Best Way To Make Legit Money Online!



So many people have a wrong perception of how to make money online. Making money online is not by investing in a Ponzi scheme or scam investment platform that promises huge returns and at the end of the day, it ends in premium tears.

How To Make Money Online

IPC, Racksterly, MBA forex, MMM, and the likes. They basically do rob Peter to pay Paul meaning they collect from MR A to pay MR B.

Avoid Ponzi by all means, it has never ended well and will never end well. Many of you just invested in a Ponzi scheme and when you get scammed you will assume everything online is a scam.

Hear this, Ponzi is not a business It has no product or services. They basically rob Peter to pay Paul

Before money can be made, there must be an exchange of value in form of a product or a service. So now!

How do you make legit money online?

You do this by duplicating the exact same thing businesses are doing offline remember before the money is made, the value must be exchanged. The only difference is that communication will be done online.

In other words, there must be an exchange of value via the internet. In form of a product or a service. When you go to a website like or

And you offer copywriting, graphics designing, or any other skill as a service. That’s the value you bring to the table.

And you get paid. Everything is done strictly online, you don’t need to see the person and the person doesn’t need to see you. You simply do the job online and get paid online.

But. The problem with a service business such as graphics design and the like. It’s highly unlikely that you can create 50 quality logos in 24hrs without employees. And you can’t have employees when you’re starting from zero.

Especially when you are starting out. No support, no cash. This is why I’ll always be in for a product online business.

No, I’m not saying a service business is bad. If you’re highly skilled at what you do (service) You can easily charge more money.

But a product business is usually the best because you can actually sell the products to as many people as possible at the same time and make massive money.

I know someone who sold over 120,000 copies of a $49(23,000 naira) Product in one year.

Can someone here do the maths?

That’s 2.7 Billion nairas. All done strictly online (selling online) That’s the power of having a products-based business you can always sell to as many people as possible and you only get to produce the product once and sell it multiple times. So in essence.

You should be able to find what people want or need and are willing to pay for it. Develop a quality solution and sell the hell out of it. Fast, heavy, broad, and wickedly efficient manner.

If the products are trash

No one is going to buy. Only dumb people will buy Their eyes will clear later and they will ask for a refund.

And if you don’t pay back They will tarnish your image and tag you as a scam So you must always have your reputation in mind in everything you do.

Now that you know that you have to sell a product what kind of a product should you sell? There are two kinds of products physical products and digital products.

For, I love digital products because of the massive income

What is a digital product?

Digital products are products that can be downloaded or accessed over the internet. It’s the easiest product to scale because you can produce it once and sell it to thousands of people at the same time.

Remember scaling is where the money is. Digital products are explained in detail.

Digital Products: These are intangible products you access through digital means, which are mostly information, knowledge, and guides on how to achieve something.

It can be broadly defined as – knowledge base products in form of PDFs, videos, or Online courses that teach people how to achieve a goal or solve a problem they are facing.

Another name you can call it is

An information product is anything that teaches you how to do something. It could be in any format you desire.

Book, Manual,  Ebook,  Seminar Videos,  Telephone Consulting,  Audios,  and many more. Example Of a digital product.

Let’s assume you know the ropes and crannies that will help someone legitimately leave Nigeria with low IELTS in less than 6 months. And it actually works.

And you go ahead to package it as an ebook or step-by-step video training And put it out for sale.

Do you think people will buy it?

Yes, people will buy because there is a hungry audience/market for it. Why? Because most people are tired of Nigeria and would want to relocate so it’s a hot-selling product right now.

Now, this is a problem that many people want to solve. ( relocating) And you have a solution which is the digital product you created that will solve the problem (information).

And an information-hungry audience. ( people looking for solutions on how to relocate) Based on how things are right now. It’ll make a huge sale.

Information sells like crazy.

Great right? But the only problem is that To create a high-quality product such as that, you need to have vast knowledge in that field.

And that can be an issue. As I am.

I don’t have much information on how to travel outside the country. That means I’m not qualified to create such a product. But. This is where it gets juicy!

Remember before money can be made, there must be an exchange of value in form of products or services but we want to sell a digital product online in other to make money right?

Since I can’t create this product myself, I know a company called DIGITSTEM that has a product on that. And I knew it was going to sell

So I and my students went ahead to register with the company as an affiliate and we sold the products. And make money (commissions) on daily basis.

For more information about the online business also read Passive Income Generator!

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