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How To Build Treble Fast Money, Find Engage And Build Your Treble Fast!



The money you are looking for is locked up in a Treble/community Let me show you how practical this is; Imagine two individuals, Okon and Buchi. Okon and Buchi both sell the same type of product that has the same level of quality and excellence but there is a differing factor between Okon’s business and Buchi’s business.

How to build treble fast money

Okon has a community of 50,000 people who are interested in what he is offering while Buchi has a community of 500 people who are interested in what he is offering.

If Okon and Buchi put out their products to their different communities, who would make more money?

Your answer is as good as mine. Okon will win at the end of the day, not because he has a superior product but because he has a large community that is interested in what he is offering.

So you see the money is in the community.

No matter how nice and helpful your idea or service is, you cannot sell it and make money from it if there is no one to sell it to.

It’s like being a great speaker and having a timely message, but you are the only one in the room where you are supposed to speak; no one will applaud you, no one will hear you, no one will pay you and you will end up trying too hard to make a sale.

Telling the world what you do and your offer of value is what will make us interested in paying you to solve our problems.

It’s by telling us how sweet your cakes are that we will consider visiting your home to take a bite. And when we take a bite and savor the sweetness of your cake, we will now say, “Hmmm, this is sweet, can I have another bite?”

Then we will proceed to pay you to have more bites.

That will not happen except you tell us and most importantly, invite us into your home!

Building a community of people who are interested in what you have to offer is responsible for how much money you can make daily, monthly, and yearly.

So, how can you start building a tribe?

  1. Leverage Social Media.
  2. Get serious on LinkedIn.
  3. Leverage freelance platforms like Fiver & Upwork.
  4. Cold call, message, and email prospective clients.
  5. Leverage Google ADs and other Google Tools.

I can’t go into details on the above because of time but these are things I handle in depth in my Skill-To-Profit 21 days mentorship program.

In the program, I show my students strategies they can deploy to start earning dollars from platforms like Upwork & Fiverr.

There is also a session where I teach them how to get clients on LinkedIn and other Social Media platforms.

I also teach them how to set up their business using Google ADs and other Google tools to attract high-paying clients.

Turn Your Idea into a Hot Irresistible Offer

Every day that you give away a valid solution, you’ve notched up your status as a powerful person of value.

However, all your conversations will not lead to a sale if you don’t have an irresistible offer.

The next thing you must do after you have chosen the right market and niche is to create quality solutions that people can buy.

Always make sure that whatever service you are exchanging for money must have cost you less than the amount of money the client is giving you.

So here’s how it works out: Your prospective client wants to buy something more valuable to them than the money they pay for it.

You want to give your prospective client something extremely valuable, but it costs you less than the money they are willing to pay.

Your prospective clients want to buy something that they believe is worth more than the money they have paid.

Which is why they get upset, even confrontational when they don’t get the expected result from a product or service? They feel violated. They feel cheated.

Your job as a business owner is to create a product or service that you can make a profit from and still make the customer feel like they got a great deal.

One key thing you must have in mind when creating an irresistible offer around your skill is that you are not selling a service; you’re selling a benefit, a result, a solution, or a relief!

One big mistake people make when they want to create an irresistible offer around their skill to sell is they focus on the offer alone.

They worry about the format and structure. They gripe about the color. They bellyache about the price they plan to charge. They fall in love with their offer but forget one big thing which is:

The only reason people ever buy anything is that they are looking to get results a beneficial solution or relief in return.

Your prospective client simply wants a solution or a result or relief from fear. That’s what they are buying, not your service. Your service is just a means of getting that thing they really want.

People don’t buy a Toyota Corolla because of the car in and of itself, no. They want a vehicle that will take them wherever they want to go faster and which will not break down on the side of the road every other day.

They want the recognition and respect that owning a beautiful car brings to them.

So, before you even start creating or looking for an offer to create, you need to, first of all, find out the specific results the people in your market want and then create an offer that sells itself, something they can’t refuse.

You should create a product that is exactly or is very close to something that a prospective client sees and they go “Wow! I need this!”

When you have this mindset, you will stop trying to create an offer that you want and start creating offers that your clients want.

However, I know we have given you the best way to make it online. Our aim is to make sure that every piece of information in the digital market provides a massive income on daily basis.

Meanwhile, you can also read the latest post in which we have discussed how to make daily bread with your smartphone without investing a dime.

Do you know that starting up a business in this computer age is very simple to apply? Why did I say so? Because technology has made it easy for youths every living man or woman can make money from the comfort of their home!

If you are still broke begging for money or urgent #2,000 it means that you still leaving a life of laziness.

pick up your phone or your personal computer and start trading in the digital market. This action will help you to achieve your dream.

How To Find Profitable Idea Around Your Skills.

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