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Graphics and Motion Designer: Fundamental of static and motion graphic design!



I’m super excited to have all of you on board for this training. The scheduled date of training will be communicated soon on.

Graphics and Motion Designer

Share with your friends and those you know who will be interested in an opportunity like this.

Let us spread the news, we have to reach 100 minimum I will be giving anyone that uses it on his/her status for 24 hrs. The following:

  1. 500 premium Fonts
  2. Premium apps that we will be using
  3. Stock images for topnotch Design


How to Generate Massive Income Consistently Designing Graphics and Creating Marketing Videos for Clients with just your smartphone.

If you desire to learn how to Design Graphics and Create videos but you are scared of complex and boring PC software, here is your chance.

Join now by clicking on the link before the gate is closed.


Today, we are starting our training on one of the most sorted-after digital skills. Guess what? These 3 Days are completely FREE.

And with this, you can start your journey online as a freelancer we still have advanced classes but that is for only interested ones. So, CLEAR YOUR SCHEDULE today!

The much-awaited Graphics Design and Motion Graphics Design Course will commence today.

This course is Free but not cheap I just decided to give all the basics out for you to start making money.

Improve your business visibilities. Or never to give any money to anyone to help you do them.

What will you need to participate in this class?

A renewed mindset must believe this will be a life-changing training. Your promptness and attention.

Submission of project. If you miss one assignment, you may not go forward with others.

Smartphone and a good network with 200MB

Be ready to take further actions that the coach will be telling you in order to Speed up your learning and learning curve.

I’m excited today because I am blessed in helping people online. Today likewise will be the start of this FREE training:  These are what you will learn today:


  1. The business of Graphics & MOTION Designing
  2. Element of Graphics & Motion Design
  3. Principles of Graphics & Motion Design
  4. Color Theory, Typography, and Dimensioning
  5. Introduction to Mobile apps Graphics Design
  6. Assignment
  7. Questions and answers.

When you know all these course outlines, you’re already a designer

  1. Benefits of learning these skills
  2. Additional knowledge that will make you a more valuable person
  3. Extra passive income
  4. Helping in developing your personal brand if you have an online business
  5. Save you from spending money on your marketing flyers and video ads
  6. If you are a web developer or UI/UX enthusiast, it will improve your design output.
  7. And many more will be shared today

Thank you for trusting that I will deliver to the best of my ability

  1. Fundamentals of Static and Motion Graphics Design
  2. Definition of SGD and MGD
  3. Static Graphics Design (SDG)
  4. Motion Graphics Design (MDG)

Straight to business

Static Graphic design can be defined as the craft of making visual content to express messages. Graphic design helps in the process of conveying a message, visual communication, and problem-solving through the utilization of typography, photography, and illustration (CREDIT: Wikipedia).

Motion Graphics Design is creating life out of Graphics Design.

It is the dynamic aspect of a Design.

A GOOD DESIGNER must have a Firm understanding of color theory.

Choice of color scheme.

Visual hierarchy.

Page layout techniques.

What do you need to do?

  1. Communication
  2. Curiosity
  3. Passion and Drive
  4. Openness
  5. Ability to Accept Criticism
  6. Problem Solving
  7. Self-doubt
  8. Patience
  9. Reliability
  10. Evolution

Integration of Graphics Design to ICT: What we will discuss now are:

1 Types of Graphics Design.

2 Elements of Graphics Design.

3 Color theory and color psychology.

4 Principles of Graphics design.

This is the Classwork, to be submitted to the assignment group. When you watch it to the end you will see it also.

Element of Graphics Design. We used only 3 elements in this simple brand flyer.

Image (background)

Border Line


That’s how to identify all the elements used. Check any design and study all elements used

Example of the wrong alignment.

Wrong image placement (image must not have cut/sharp end).

But ☑ Good color combo.

Another example of this is now clear to you that means you’ve mastered all the elements in Design.

Now we are introducing the first app on graphics design which is magical


A complete introduction to Pixelab the magic mobile Graphics Design app.

First of all, we will consider.


Gone are those days when you think you MOST HAVE A LAPTOP to learn important skills in the internet space.

Things have changed likewise with the development of technology. Things have changed likewise with the development of technology. You don’t need a LAPTOP to create good designs.

Software like:

  1. Pixel Lab App
  2. com
  3. PicsArt App

Are a few great tools you can use for designing your smartphone things have changed likewise the development of technology.

You don’t need a LAPTOP to create good designs.

Software like:

  1. Pixel Lab App
  2. com
  3. PicsArt App

Are few great tools you can use for designing on your smartphone?


Unlike LAPTOP since many people don’t have it, you might find it difficult to see people teach.

One way of making money after learning is teaching others and getting paid.

Since almost everybody has a smartphone, it makes it easy for you to see new students pass your knowledge.


Designing today is a problem many organizations, businesses, churches, and the most time individuals face.

People celebrate birthdays daily and the rest of it.

You can prove to them the solution they need by learning the skill.

Tell my organization that doesn’t need a graphic design and I will show you a world where designing doesn’t exist.


Daily, people lose jobs because they can’t operate simple design software.

Not that they don’t want to learn but because of lack of LAPTOP.

But with smartphone designing, you can pick the job and improve your skill by learning how to design on LAPTOP.


You can charge as high as N20, 000 for Logo designs.

Also, flyer designs can go for N5, 000 and above.

In teaching, I try to teach at least 550 students and I charge NO for each. Straight to Motion Design!

Motion graphics is animation, but with text as a major component. Essentially, it’s animated graphic design.

Download the Kinemaster app the major App for mobile video editing.

Introduction to KINEMASTER app.

Elementary motion Flyer.

Let’s move on gradually.

Here are specific problems that beginners and many others face as a designer and video creators.

You are always fond of begging your graphic design colleagues to share the resources they used with you.


You struggle endlessly on Google and waste a lot of data looking for quality stock photos to use for your designs.


Your backgrounds are always plain because you struggle to get the right fanciful background that will blow your client’s mind.

I will send you 500+ backgrounds that will step up your design. You sometimes struggle to get design inspiration. You are currently having limited fonts to use for your designs. You will know how and where to get them.

You sometimes struggle to get design inspiration. You are currently having limited fonts to use for your designs. You will know how and where to get them.

Sometimes you are stuck and you find it hard to use the right color combination for your designs.

Don’t worry you work with me to show you how.

You don’t know how to use mockups or you don’t have enough mock-ups to use to present your design works to your clients. I’ll show you the easy way later!

Sometimes you might need to create something very quickly and you don’t have design templates readily available to use for your designs.

You struggle to find the right icons, and elements to use for your designs.

And finally, if you joined this group as a novice without the foundational knowledge of Graphic design, this one’s for you!!

Now, let me show you what we have to cover but we haven’t done it yet.


  1. Fundamentals of Static and Motion Graphics Design
  2. Definition of SGD and MGD
  3. Elements of SGD and MGD
  4. Principles of SGD and MGD
  5. Color Theory and Psychology
  6. Understanding Typography (Texts & Fonts)
  7. Understanding Logo, Emblem, and Branding
  8. Introduction to Graphics Design PC Software and Mobile Apps
  9. Design Pt1: flyer designs
  10. Design Pt2: Products designs
  11. Video Creation: Motion Graphics
  12. How to create Infographics
  13. How to generate 6 figures consistently



1 Introduction to Mobiles Design

2 Shapes/Images/Photo Manipulation

3 Background removal (special app) and

Image shaping.

Shapes Masking.

Image Blending.

4 Elementary Design for Beginners using Flat Layouts. Creation of Professional Graphics.

5 Different flyers.

Web banners.

Biz Cards.

ID cards.

Letter Headed.

Ads banners.

Book cover.

6 Guild to Logo, Branding, and Visual design.

7 Understanding Infographics.

8 3D Mockups for all graphics.

Section Three

Motion Graphics Design

  1. Introduction to Mobiles Design Video Apps
  2. How to create Simple Motion Flyers
  3. How to create and use green Screen
  4. How to Create Animation Lower Thirds?
  5. How to create Infographics
  6. Advance Text Animation
  7. How to create Intro and outro Videos
  8. How to create Background Motion/Animation
  9. How to create Voice overs for your videos Projects
  10. How to create Simple Ads Video
  11. How to create Simple Logo Animation
  12. How to Create Social Media Ads Video
  13. How to create Marketing Videos for Brands?

14 General Video Ads Creation.

15 Sourcing for Design Materials.

16 Becoming a High-Paying Content Creator.

If you really interested in any of these courses kindly drop a message in the comment section thank you!

Meanwhile, do not forget to read how to set up Facebook ads.

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