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Multiple 7-Figure Digital Marketer And Facebook Advertiser.



I will be teaching you personally in this Free Training. I believe you’re reading because you are not satisfied with the number of sales you make in your business.

 Facebook marketing!

Do you struggle to get people to buy from you? You’re probably wondering if you’ll ever get to the 6 figure mark with the way you make one sale today and then another next week.

You’re starting to get frustrated with the whole thing.

You might even have tried using Facebook ads, but you ended up wasting your money, without getting the number of sales you wanted.

It’s not your fault. Nobody has shown you the right strategy that works. And in this class, you will discover that.

I’m a Facebook ads strategist, 7 figure digital marketer, and copywriter.

I’ve generated over 2 million nairas in sales in the last 4 months and generated over 10 thousand leads for myself and my clients over this time.

I made over 600k as a graphic designer because I know how to run ads for any business.

My foundation has thought thousands of students and Digital marketers how to make millions online.

I have been able to make multiple 7 figures offering Facebook advertising services

I have worked with The Biggest Affiliates in Nigeria like Everything Melda (who was the recent winner of their April challenge with the reward as a trip to Dubai), Ruth Ozioma (also a Dubai trip winner), Caleb Nwanneka (who is a winner of multiple expertise rewards), etc

I have worked with extremely successful silent online millionaires like Imonide Precious, Ayeni Johnson, and many many more.

But if I told you that since the moment I started marketing I just started making money like that I’ll be lying to you.

During my service years, I suffered much. I had just finished school and then after one whole year of not finding anything to do at home, I decided to go for service

It was during this time serving in Akure that I realized that all salary they give you cannot take care of you especially if you have a family you want to help out back home.

I had this strategy where I would only eat every day by 9 pm only because I had a limited amount of money.

This was to make sure that I cured the hunger for that day and so I could start the next day without feeling too hungry.

So one day I made a decision. I used almost all of my salary (about 30k) to get a Facebook advertising course, gave it my full attention, and started implementing it, everything started changing little by little.

I started implementing my graphic design business and advertising business in march this year and I was able to make over 3 million nairas in sales and 2 million in profit.

As much as I want you to celebrate grace in my life. The point is you can do it too. There are no limitations to what you can achieve if you work at it.

I have been able to make money with this skill and I know you can too only if you’re ready and not let anything hold you back.

Trust me I will let you know how to get this kind of result at the end of the class. But let’s continue

In this class, you will discover the right way to use Facebook Ads to easily generate quality leads for your business, so that you can stop struggling to make sales.

Here’s the number of leads I generated for one of my Courses using Facebook ads, in one week.

Look, Facebook Ads done the right way is so powerful. Note the keyword: The Right Way.

Because so many people don’t understand the rules of Facebook ads, that is why they come back screaming that Facebook ads don’t work.

Who told you that?

Take a look at this my student, Ayisha. She has never made more than 100k in sales ever, but when he started using Ads, see her results now. Over 155k sales in just 2 days!

Also, Francis who hated Facebook Ads tried learning by watching YouTube videos and ended up burning his money on Ads-

Now see what he says after I revealed to him the right way to run Ads for profits.

In fact, any business owner who thinks he/she can do without ads is joking. You’re not ready for the “game” yet. Even big successful brands still run Ads, because they know how powerful it is.

I have seen a lot of “gooroos” say- “you don’t need Ads. This is funny because I see their Ads, all the time.

They just want to sell something else to you, and give people false hope. Let me shock you; Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms make their money from Ads.

So they want you to run Ads. That’s why they show your posts to only 10% of your followers or friends unless you’re celebrating your birthday, lol.

Haven’t you noticed how you get so many likes and comments on your birthday post, but little on other posts?

They are restricting your posts! Therefore, if you really want to make sales, you need to understand how to run Ads the right way. And that is why you’re here.

So get your writing materials ready, remove all distractions and get ready to be blown away.

So without further Ado, let me show you what we shall cover in this class

What is traffic and what is a lead?

Why you need to generate leads for your business. Facebook is a tool for Massive lead generation.

 Why 90% of Facebook Ads Fail

How I make crazy money from Facebook advertising. How you can steal a 30k course, 20k worth of bonus material, and a 40k website design course for only one thousand nairas (1000)?

So What Is Traffic and What is Lead

So first and foremost traffic and leads are super important to your business, but it is important that we differentiate between both of them.

Traffic is basically anyone that sees your business post via any medium; either on a group (Free or organic traffic) or on your Ad, banner, and billboard (paid traffic).

Leads on the other hand are people who show a valid interest in the product or service you provide but haven’t bought yet. They aren’t yet paying customers

Leads are people who are so interested that they can actually give you contact information (phone number or email) or take your contact information just to make sure that at some point in the future they can get your product or service.

Lead generation is very critical to your business.

One of the biggest reasons why businesses close down is because they stopped lead generation. If you want to remain in business, you must keep generating leads for your business.

There’s no way to sugarcoat this. It’s either you generate leads or you go broke.

It’s simple maths, if you don’t get enough people who are interested in what you sell- how do you want to make that 6-figure in sales?

The more leads you generate, the higher chance of you making more sales.

Making sales is a game of numbers. For example: If I generate 100 leads in a week, and you generate 650 leads weekly.

Who do you think would make more sales?

You, of course. Here’s the interesting part. A research study revealed that only about 15% of your leads convert to paying customers. So, let’s calculate this together.

How many leads do you generate weekly?

How many people gave you their contact details, joined your group, or inquired about your product?

3? 5? 10? Then calculate 15% of that.

Now be honest, is it enough to give you the kind of money you want?

Bar in mind that some leads won’t buy immediately. Hope you’re seeing part of the reasons why you have low sales. Poor lead generation.

The fact is without leads, making sales will become a struggle and very frustrating. More Leads=More sales=More money in the bank. Facebook Advertising as a means of generating leads.

Facebook is a complete monster when it comes to lead generation.

  1. You just found your Ad account.
  2. Set up your targeting the right way.
  3. Have a great lead magnet.

And Facebook will keep spitting quality leads for you, till you shut down the Ads yourself. Using Facebook Ads, you can send your leads to a Whatsapp group, Email list, and build your WhatsApp list.

Take a look at the number of leads I generated in just 3 days using Facebook Ads. I filled these WhatsApp groups with thousands of quality leads.

Over 32 groups filled with more than 200 quality leads. Facebook is a very important social media for a lot of reasons.

It allows you to connect with friends and family all over the world and It also allows you to reach over 2 billion prospective customers anywhere in the world also.

Facebook launched its advertising program in February 2004 and it has gone on to help myself a lot of other online entrepreneurs make multiple millions selling either physical or digital products

With Facebook, reaching your Ideal customers is super easy.

All you have to do is set up a Facebook page, and an Ad account and target the exact people that you want Facebook to show your ad to or allow the highly sophisticated AI (artificial intelligence) to target these people for you to bring you sales.

With Facebook you can also target people of a specific age, living in a specific country, state, or city, you can target only a specific gender also

All these are to make sure that you are reaching people that have higher chances of getting your products. Before you can run Ads on Facebook, you must have a Facebook page.

Not your normal Facebook profile. A Facebook page created from your Facebook app. You can have more than one Facebook page at once.

This benefits people who do different types of business. You can create different pages for your different businesses. Let’s say you sell gadgets and you also paint.

You can create two different Facebook pages for them. You can watch how you can create a standard Facebook page fast and easily on YouTube.

What is 2FA (two-factor authentication)? This is a security feature that helps you protect your Facebook account from hackers.

Even if the hacker has your password, the 2FA will prevent them from taking over your account. Secure your account with 2 Factor Authentication.

For another assignment, after this class quickly go and set up your 2FA, it won’t take more than 10mins.

It’s very risky leaving your account without 2FA. It’s like living in a house without a fence.

Why 90% of Facebook Ads Fail.

Facebook Ads are so powerful, and true. Most people think you just have to go to your Ads account and push a button, then magic would happen.

They are the ones that come crying that Facebook Ads don’t work. But the truth is; that they don’t know the right way.

I will reveal to you 3 reasons why people burn their money on Ads.

Wrong targeting. Any information you give to Facebook is what it will work with. If you give Facebook the wrong information, it will give you the wrong results.

Let’s see an example;

You’re selling a watch and you target people that really like shoes, there’s a high probability that they won’t be interested in what you’re selling.

The bottom line, if you target the wrong people, you will only end up setting your money on fire. Poor Ad Creative & Copy.

Ad creative means the image/video you use for the Ads, and the Ad copy (the words) you use.

When Facebook shows your Ad to the people who are interested in what you sell. When they see your Ad, and your Ad creative is poorly done, your copy doesn’t make sense.

They would just scroll past your Ads. Facebook won’t do everything for you.

Remember Facebook would bring a lot of people to your Ad, you have to set up your Ads in such a way that when they see your Ads, they are hooked.

I don’t know if I should add this because this is part of a paid course… But Okay, here we go! The qualities of a high converting Ad creative, and Ad copy.

It must grab attention: if your Ad creative doesn’t grab attention, it will pass like a ship in the night.

Nobody would notice it. So you have to come up with something that is difficult to ignore. It must be interesting; People don’t wake up and say “yes I’m going to go buy something on Facebook.”

People go to Facebook to like and comment on what interests them. Therefore your Ad creative and a copy must be interesting. Not just interesting, but interesting to your audience.

Must have benefits; you know, people don’t pay attention to things that do not benefit them.

Therefore you must understand your audience so that you can know what will be of benefit to them.

A lot of people do not pay attention to this, yet, they come back crying. I have seen a lot of people lose million to ads just because they didn’t ask the right questions or get the right guidance.

These are key points that only someone who loves you and wants you to thrive in the online space will tell you.

Now I’m going to show you how you can actually earn from a skill such as Facebook advertising.

I will briefly cover the two major ways I make a ridiculous amount of money from Facebook advertising

First is running ads for myself and selling digital products. When you have a product to sell, generating quality traffic for that product ensures you make sales every single week.

Having a lot of leads who are ready to buy from you is only possible when you know how to generate quality traffic with Facebook ads

I sold over 200 copies of a 5k product in just 2 months. I would have never been able to do this without Facebook advertising.

The second way I make money from Facebook advertising is by running ads for other businesses. There are hundreds of thousands of businesses in Nigeria who will gladly pay you to generate leads for them

Let’s do a little math: I charge 20k weekly for my services. If I wanted to make 100k in a month I only need to get 100k/20k= 5 customers.

Just 5 customers in a month make me 100k easily. And there’s no need to worry about where I’ll get clients because I teach how to get clients that will run ads with you in the advanced class.

In order to master Facebook Ads, you must see the workings practical it’s not enough just reading about it. You have to see it to be able to replicate it.

You have to watch an expert do it step by step so that you can follow the same process.

That’s why I have compiled a step-by-step video of how I set up highly profitable Ads, the right way- from beginning to end. So that you can just copy it and do the same.

I started from scratch so that even a 12-year-old can watch it and get massive results with it.

Just like my student, Joy. Who was a total beginner and has never run Ads before, after she got access to the Facebook Ad mastery course? She has started running ads and making a lot of sales for herself.

This Facebook course contains every secret that has helped me and a lot of my clients get to 7 figures in my business in just 4 months.

You won’t be needing any other course on Facebook Ads because I always update this course every time.

Imagine you launch a product or service, and set up your Facebook Ad, following the step-by-step process in the Ads Mastery course.

Then every day you get up to 50-60 leads who are interested in what you sell. Think about the impact it will have on your bank account.

No matter what you sell, if you’re tired of getting little or no sales, while others keep saying – “sold out” or “6 figures in 2 months.

Then you should grab the Blue-heart Facebook Sales Generator course now. Take a look at all you will be getting inside the course.

Who Is This Course For?

Those who prefer an easy, step-by-step, beginner-friendly, guide system that will answer any questions you have along the way.

People who have a business or service that want to learn how to reach thousands of new customers and leads.

People looking for a skill or service that will fetch them 6 figures monthly online while working from home.

Those with tight schedules need a course that will allow them to learn at their own convenience and time.

Affiliate and Digital marketers who are looking for a guaranteed method of running profitable targeted ads and generating leads for their businesses.

Those willing to put in the work to make Facebook advertising make them 7 figures online as it has done for me.

You’ll learn the following in the Blue-heart advertising course.

A step-by-step breakdown of how to write and set up ads that Always convert even as a total beginner worth 5k

How to instantly find the most profitable Ad copy and creative from your other Advertisers on Facebook so you don’t need to waste time crafting high-quality Ads worth 20k.

How to buy a standard website for as low as 1700 naira only worth 15k  How to build a Standard, high converting landing page using the AIDA model worth 10k.

Also, access to the Blue-heart advertising support group on WhatsApp is worth 5k. How to run Conversion Ads and how to install your pixel code on your website worth 10k.

How to use “Dynamic creative” to get cheaper cost per result worth 15k. My “Colored-TV” template of how to script High-Converting video Ads to get the cheapest leads Ever worth 10k.

All these would sum up to 90k to access all of them but I won’t charge anyone that amount. I believe that if you want to help people, don’t ruin it with big price tags. The country is tough enough as it is.

I suffered in Akure and I know what people are going through. I would usually even charge 30k in a class like this for this course like I told you earlier, but today. I want to give this to a few people for just 1000 (practically for free)

In case you may feel like this course is probably garbage for me to charge you 1000, see some contents for yourself.

I want to give this course to only 20 practically for free with just 1k. Please note that this 1k offer is only valid till only for 24 hours. Thank you!

Also, read How To Make Money With Products On the Digitstem platform!

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