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Digital Marketing 101. Information marketing, Content marketing!



Digital Marketing 101. I spent over 6 months creating this content, explaining these skills in great detail. I believe they can help people the way they helped me.

Digital Marketing 101

Meanwhile, before we proceed I will like you to know that we are going to talk about many things which we help us to develop very big skills in our life.

What are we talking about today?  We are going to talk about six figures this is what people have been looking for to use grow their business on daily basis.

Making money online has been the most important thing which has helped adults and youths in this generation to keep food on their table.

In this post, I will talk about the major things businessmen and women need to reach out to their target audience in the digital market.

However, I have created the video of this course which is selling at a rate of $2 (N1000) only. The purpose of creating this video is to help those who have no money to start up a business online.

 Social Media Marketing

Professional Facebook Ads – Business Manager, Setting up a pixel, events and running of conversion ads, Professional Instagram Ads, Ad-Promoter Ads, Snapchat Ads, YouTube Ads.

SMS Marketing

Before, we can proceed, what is “SMS? SMS can be defined as a short message service. While marketing is an act of promoting digital products in the digital market.

As a business person each time you refer people to a particular product or service that process is called a marketing strategy.

 Affiliate Marketing

In our former post, we talk about affiliate marketing, and how to make money online. But on this page, I think I will explain it better here. Because so many people have given different definitions of affiliate marketing.

Which has caused some people headaches or caused sleepless nights for them. That is why I have decided to bring it down for everybody to understand.

However, I will not say a different thing than what I said in my former post. Affiliate marketing is an advertising model which enables the publisher to reach those who need the products or services.

Affiliate marking has made everything easy for everybody. This method of business is an agent who refers people to particular products or services.

Ok, let me explain how affiliate marketing works, for example, for a product of  #5500, the company system was programmed whereby if I refer to someone I will get #500 as a commission.

Then automatically I created a social media page where I normally do an advert to generate traffic or customer to buy those goods from that company.

Each time the company made sales through my referral link I will earn a commission. That is how affiliate marketing works.

 Content Marketing

Have you heard about content marketing? On this page we are going to talk about it and how to get started even if you are novices.

Content marketing is a marketing strategy used to promote a piece of digital information on social media. Content marketing is the best way to reach a target audience both online and offline.

These are those things we use to help our business to grow on a daily basis, using content marketing to promote your business will bring huge traffic to you.

Content marketing is such as blogs, videos, ebooks, infographics, case studies, user-generated content, and checklist.

Information Marketing

Information marketing is content or information which compose to help and grow a business. In another word, information marketing is digital products that talk about the benefit of humans.

Let me break it down so that you will understand what is really information is. This is a course made from a profession, this type of information contained audio and video including ebooks.

Information marketing can be sold to make money. These are digital products we have been talking about.

This course can only be accessed through an electronic device such as a smartphone, laptop, desktop, palmtop, and many more!

Creating Information – Audio Books – Record and put pictures (VSDC) – ebooks (PDFs), Screen record

Web Development

Web development is a work that involves to developed a website or internet. Web developers are engineers that have knowledge of internet creativity.

This area of development never is made easy for nonman who have not done that before. Web engineers are those people who have the knowledge to develop a website, apps, and other functioning tools in the digital market.

Web engineer developed marketing website, and graphic design to reach more customers both online and offline.

On this, page I will talk about how to build an affordable or full e-commerce website so that you can able to start up a little business without investing a dime.

If you really want to know how to start up an online business without investment we got you covered because we have dealt with such an area perfectly.

Before the end of this post, I will drop a link where you will read and put it into practice. Yes, I know the reasons I said so are because practice makes perfect.

Am advising anybody who is read this post to make sure that something good comes out of you after reading.

How to build a full e-commerce website

Building an e-commerce website is not hard to do. The first thing is to choose an e-commerce platform. Once you did that then, purchase a domain name.

You may ask, what is a domain name? A domain name is one that gives you the power to access your internet or website. Without a domain name, you cannot have your own website or online store.

Ok, I hope with this little explanation you understand what is meaning of a domain name and the benefit as an internet marketer, you must have your own domain name or website to reach your target audience.

So, after you have done that you contact a web developer to develop the e-commerce perfectly well. And do not forget to choose a theme of your choice during the development.

Once that is done you customize your beautiful template for your e-commerce stores. The next stage is to add your products and set up your prize payment option and start shipping your goods.

How to build a landing page

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create your landing page for massive traffic. The first thing you will do is select your landing page template, immediately you did give it a name, and publish unique content.

Don’t forget to include striking images, with a perfect relevant domain name, also make sure that all your links and CTAs are perfectly working well.

The final one is to complete your meta description and SEO title and publish that is all job well done.

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Information marketing,
  3. Content marketing,
  4. Affiliate marketing,
  5. Social media marketing,
  6. SMS and WhatsApp marketing

WhatsApp marketing

This is a marketing strategy that occurred on WhatsApp on daily basis. This method has built a lot of trust and a strong relationship process in marketing.

Today this particular app called WhatsApp has over three billion users across the globe. The platform has grown beyond which has made engineers develop so many ways to market products on WhatsApp.

For example, if you have 5, 000 contacts on your WhatsApp application and you have a product that you need to promote.

If you don’t have other marketing WhatsApp strategies you can start marketing your products on your WhatsApp status. Which will not cost you a dime by doing that on daily basis!

Let’s say that each of the products is N1000 and 5,000 people view your WhatsApp status on a daily basis. In that case, 3,00 people place an order for your products on that particular day.

Unfortunately, those 3,00 people made a successful payment, that is N300,000 thousand naira for only a day’s sales.

So you can see that WhatsApp is a very big marketing sells also to reach potential customers on daily basis. Some of you may ask, how can some get up to 5,000 WhatsApp contact?

Is very simple to do but that will be our next topic another day.

Meanwhile, no forget to read our latest post which we talk about how to start up a business without capital.

However, if you really need a video on this how to start up digital marketing 101, affiliate marketing, and many more kidly drop your comment below!

Also, read the Price and value

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