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Swedish institute Global international scholarship

Swedish Institute For Global Professional Scholarship- Here is another scholarship program at Swedish, which is practically for global professionals. You could have been hearing about a lot of scholarship program, the Swedish institute have fully decided to provide this opportunity for student across specific regions. This scholarship is mainly founded for the global professionals, it allows them to obtain their masters freely at large. Are you part of this professionals? Do you want to be qualified for this opportunity? Then, let take a look of what this scholarship is really about with it core requirement and eligibility.

Founder: Ministry of foreign affairs


Why this scholarship?

The Swedish institute scholarship for the global professional is made available for some certain reasons, which are;

1. Mounding bright future leaders

Do you have a dream of becoming a leader with integrity? Note this, this scholarship is mainly provided for you. The Swedish institute provide this scholarship for global professional because, they want to build up many who have the zeal to rule. This is made easy by providing free education for obtaining this dreams, no extra cost are applied. Do you think this is your right Path? Yes of course it is!, imagine having a free education that will make you achieve your dream easily. This opportunity is not rampart in this region, for it is specially created to enhance the availability of intellectual leaders at the nearest future.


2. Future development and peace enhancement

This scholarship is made enable to apply with the United Nations 2030 Agenda, it contribute to this program positively.
With the help of this scholarship, the development rate of the country is increased. By building the leaders of tomorrow in the right path, which is you. It gives a positive assurance that the future of many individuals are saved, including the particular region which this opportunity is made mostly available.

Date of scholarship: The program start from the 8 of February 2021


Eligibility and requirement for applying for the Swedish Institute For Global Professional Scholarship

To apply for this scholarship, there are some requirements you need to obtain. This could be inform of document, experience and so on, you can know more about this requirement and eligibility by vividly reading the information provided below.

1. Admission from university

There is a need for acquiring admission to the university, it also involves in some payment which are meant to be made for acceptance. This do not mean you will the paying for the tuition fees, it only applicable when getting the admission.


2. Valid Citizenship

Any applicant applying from different country must be a citizen of the particular country he/she applied from, the citizenship could be of different type. It can be either citizens by Birth or Nationalisation, the main thing is for you to belong to a particular country legally. And also, not all country can apply for this country. Only 42 countries are eligible to this scholarship, other region are evicted. You can check the chosen countries here to see if your region is qualified for the scholarship. If not, do not bother applying.


3. Work experience

By applying for this opportunity, all applicant must have approximately two months of occupations experience. If you have never get something doing for income, you will be advised to do so. This is because, only does who have engaged in activities for income will be awarded scholarship. It also helps to know how responsible you are by providing your work experience.


4. Experiences in the role of a leader

As the scholarship is created for building up intellectual leaders, all applicant are expected to have participated in one or two leadership role. This shows you have the zeal of leading and ready to achieve it at all costs. The leadership experience could be done at your place of work, in the family or for the civil society, all form of leading experience is expected. It doesn’t matter if you are currently not involving any leadership activities, as you can provide your past experience in leadership.


Required file and documents for the Swedish Institute Global For Professional Scholarship

There are certain documents that should be provided when applying for this opportunity, which are;

1. Duplicate of your valid passport

Before the submission of your application, it is made compulsory to add your valid passport along with the other documents. Also take note of this, the data that are on your passport must be made clear enough for easy assessment. If the data on the passport are blurred or cannot be well read, your application will be rejected. Again, your passport is recommend to be submitted with your CV at the last four page of the document.


2. Letter of reference

When preparing your letter of reference, the global professional form should be use. The letter must be written, printed, signed and stamped with an official stamp by the referee. After everything is done, all documents should be compiled together and uploaded as single PDF file to the administration. Note this, one of letter of reference must state your work experience as it is made compulsory.

3. Letter of motivation

A file will be given to you fill, all required information must be provided in it. This file should also use the Global professional form method for obtaining the motivation letter. Lastly, the files should be uploaded as PDF file at the application portal before the application period end. Note this, make sure this is submitted before the application period ends, as it will not be accepted after the period of submission.

4. Curriculum vitae

Your CV is advised to use the information of Global professional form ranging from the year 2021-2022, as it is the required documents. When providing your CV, it should not exceed four page. You are recommend to provide only the important informations between the four pages of your CV documents, for all extra page will be detached during review.

5. Cogent evidence of occupation and leadership experience

When providing this documents, it must use the Global professional form for highlighting the information stated above. This file must be signed and well stamped with the official stamp by the referee. After providing all this, the informations should be printed, compiled together as one PDF file and uploaded to the right directory.

Benefit attached with Swedish Institute For Global professional Scholarship

The Swedish institute scholarship comes with at lot of benefit which attract many applicants around the world. Some of the merit are precisely listed below;

  1. The scholarship covers all tuition fees for the Swedish university you are attending, no payment is required from you at the beginning of the semester.
  2. The scholarship will help build your leadership skills and elevate you professionally.
  3. Agains, payment of SEK 10,000 will be made to you which will be use to subsidise your living expenses. This will be made constant at every month throughout your study.
  4. You earn a membership to the SLI Alumni Network after your scholarship has ended. This also help to further the development of your study and continue to build your leadership skills.

Note this: The Swedish institute professional international scholarship is only available for programme that starts in the autumn semester.



Do not miss out this great opportunity, get all your requirements listed on this article and also stick on the vital information provided above. This could be the dream you have been hoping for, don’t let it go.
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