How to pass all scholarship exams

How to pass all scholarship exams

How to pass all scholarship exam: Are you about to write a scholarship exam or thinking of applying for scholarship exams in the future, then this is post is mainly for you.

Many candidates who have seated for scholarship tend to be fail due to some certain un – observed reasons which are to be highlighted and discussed in the in this article later on,

guidelines will be provided in all aspect of study in order to meet all candidates applying for scholarship exams for different courses and department.

Gaining scholarships to some of the most developed country and schools in the world is not a day job, a lot of practices and learning have to take place.

This will make it more easier to obtain it and come out with flying colours.

Vivid guidelines on how to pass all scholarship exams

Pass all scholarship exams with the guidelines listed and explained below

1. Attend extra lessons

In order to be readily prepared for the scholarship exam you are about to write,

make sure you attend extra lesson which are of the standard of the exam you are about to sit for.

This will help you to gain more knowledge and have better understanding on each area of study you are about to take.


2. Schedule a personal time to study

Most scholarship candidates fail due to the in ability to set aside a time for special studying,

this are time which no one or nothing will have something in common with you except the books which you will using to study.

Prepare a special time out of daily your activities to study intensively,

and repeat this often until you get the best of you in your academic status and also help you when writing your scholar exam.


3. Get a simplified note

To make studying easier, try getting a simplified note for study.

What are simplified note?

This are note set aside for jotting down Core explanation or meaning when in a lecture class or during time of study.

A book or jotter can be used as simplified note, with this no reading reading and understanding of important things in your studies will be made easier.

With the use of this study method, it will enable you to concentrate more on your important topics than the irrelevant ones.


4.  Have a time of rest

Try to create a special Time to cool down your brain system by resting or indulging in some recreational activities.

This means a lot of study without enough rest makes it wastage of time, for an average human you aspected to have a complete 8 hours of sleep.

Note: Not compulsory you have the complete 8 hours sleep at once,

it can be divided in two part 4 + 4 the first 4 hrs can be the afternoon or taken as nap and the second at night.


5. Take pre – exams

Test your knowledge by taking pre – exams, these exams can be organised by external institutions or you can set it up by your self.

With the help of this, you will be able to know your capabilities and how to perform better than what you scored in your pre exams when writing your scholarship exam.

Note: If you will be the one organising the pre – exam by your self, try as much as possible to set hard and complex questions that will cover all area of your course in order to know how ready you are for the scholarship exam you are about to write.

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