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Want to study in the United States of America but have no fund to further your education? If you fall in this category then you are lucky to have found this post because you are going to get the opportunity to school in the US without spending than you can afford.

Schooling on scholarship is far better than spending or sponsoring yourself, to make it easy for you find which of the scholarship program in available in the US,

we have come up with a list.
Here is the list of open scholarships in the US to apply for now while it is hot

1. Campbell   Fellowship for Women Scholar-Practitioners from Developing Nations

This opportunity was created to help women in the society of developing countries stand bold and proud by furthering their education.

The Vera R. Campbell Foundation funded fellowship was created and to be offered to women for female postdoctoral social scientist who find it difficult to continue education and also from a developing country.

Eligible women need to have a say in the community or have a skill that can help the nation and the globe at large.

Level of study: Offers Post doctorate degrees in, sociology economics, anthropology, law, political science, geography, psychology, history.
Previous Application Deadline: 1 November


2. Boustany Foundation – MBA Harvard Scholarship programs

An opportunity which allows people which dream to help the country and impact the globe economy in one way or the other,

the Boustany Foundation was created to help people who values and work in accordance to bring about new development to the community.

The foundation then helps these eligible people by granting them different scholarships to improve their thought and set them at higher pace.

Level of study: offers MBA
Previous Application Deadline: 31 May (open to applicants every two years)


3. AAHPM Scholarship in USA for Physicians from Developing Countries

This is an open offer and also a great opportunity to students or physicians from developing counties to help sponsor them in order to attend the Palliative Medicine (AAHPM),HPNA Annual Assembly in Vancouver and American Academy of Hospice.

The Developing Countries Scholarship Fund opportunity was created by to help physician expand their knowledge and strengthen their experience in an elaborate way.

Level of study: Offers AAHPM and HPNA Annual Assembly
Previous Application Deadline: 3 September


4. Dorothy Marchus Senesh Fellowship for Women from Developing Countries in USA

An opportunity created mainly to help women grow in knowledge and in experience than before,

the fellowship program target women from developing countries to expand and be of great importance to their countries.

Women are admitted into the Dorothy Marchus Senesh Followship by the International Peace Research Association Foundation (IPRA) in USA to bring up the value in Women.

Level of study: Offers Masters and PhD degrees

Fellowship value: The program offers $5,000 every year for two years for both women and for a total of $10,000 is given to each
Previous Application Deadline: January 15 (It is offered biennially)


5. PEO International Peace Scholarships for Women – USA and Canada

Created to help women grow in knowledge and expand their value, the PEO International Peace Scholarship Fund was founded to give women in the society the opportunity to chase their dream and reveal their importance to their community.

The program will give eligible and selected women the opportunity of studying in the United States and Canada on scholarship.

Level of study: Offers Masters and PhD degrees
Previous Application Deadline: runs between August 15 and December 15.


6. The Immigration Journalism Fellowship in USA for International Students

The Immigration Journalism Fellowship was launched in 2011 by the French-American Foundation to help students pursue their education at their own comfort.

The scholarship program is mainly focused on empowering journalists from any country which are interest in integrations and immigrations questions.

This is to help them reach and fulfill their dream, the foundation back up journalist with every support to make them stand of quality in the society.

Level of study: Graduate
Scholarship program value: Each student will be given up to $10,000 to extend their research
Previous Application Deadline: February


7. Gus Archie Undergraduate Scholarships- Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Foundation

This is an open opportunity for students who have proven diligent and are performing excellently academically,

the scholarship program wants to help students pursue their education and expand their knowledge.

The Gus Archie Memorial Scholarship program was created and supported by the Archive Fund of the society of Petroleum Engineers

to present scholarship offer to student who wants to further their education in a university or wants to go for undergraduate degree in Petroleum Engineering for higher value.

Level of study: Offers Undergraduate degree
Previous Application Deadline: run 15 April or 1 May


8. Google Lime Scholarship for Students with Disabilities to Study in USA or Canada

An opportunity to students who are with disabilities to pursue a career in technology at large,

the offer was created by the giant search engine Google to help students with disabilities to study computer engineering,

software engineering and computer engineering in USA or in Canada choosing from Undergraduate, Graduate or PhD Level.

This is to create job opportunity for students with disabilities to have a good life.

Level of study: Offers Undergraduate, Masters and PhD degrees
Previous Application Deadline: Open around January or February


9. Frank Lanza Memorial Scholarship in Nursing & Emergency Medical Service

Student with excellent academic performance or have an outstanding skill in leadership both in school and in the community can enjoy this huge opportunity.

The Frank Lanza Memorial Scholarships has created an opportunity for students with excellent performance and are enrolled in accredited community college program including emergency medical services, registered nurses, and respiratory care.

Level of study: Offers Undergraduate and Master’s degree
Scholarships program value: The program offers up to 20 scholarships with each value at $2,500 which in total is $50,000 every year
Previous Application deadline: depends on rate – February to 30 April


USA Scholarships programs 2

Feel like studying in the United States of America but have no hope? If yes then this post was created especially for you.

There are lots of scholarships which are offered in the US but only few people get the chance of seeing and applying for these scholarships.

Studying in US can be expensive if you are not saving yourself with some scholarships program to fulfill your dream of studying in the US.

We have different question regarding scholarships opportunities in US, with people trying to know which scholarship opportunities are open currently in the US to try their luck.

However, to put an end to your tireless search we have come up with a post to reveal which scholarships offer are open in the US presently
Here is the list of open scholarships in US

1. African Palliative Care Nursing Scholarship Fund by Global Partners in Care

Global partners in Care also known as the FHSSA has partnered with the African Palliative Care Association to help improve the quality of hospice and palliative care which are in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The African palliative Care Nursing Scholarship program was created in 2010 and has it focus due to its mission to bring about improvement in the hospice care in Africa.

Level of study: Training for Nurses and Social Workers at large
Previous Application Deadline: runs from 15 April to 15 May


2. Internet Scholarship Program by U.S. Bank- USA

This is an open opportunity for students, who want to pursue their education with great ambition.

The opportunity was created by the US Bank and offers students (high school and undergraduate students) the opportunity to get the application to one of its 40 $1,000 scholarship position which is offered every year.

Senior and college undergraduates have the opportunity of applying for The US Bank Internet Scholarship program.

Level of study: Offers Undergraduate degree
Previous Application Deadline: Runs from March 5 to September 17


3. American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship (AU EGLS)

The American University providing the AU Emerging Global Leader Scholarship is inviting students who have performed excellently academically,

have good leadership skills and yet comes from an economical family or background.

The aim of the scholarship program is to enhance the knowledge of eligible students to be of high value to their countries and the globe entirely.

The AU Emerging Global Leader Scholarship was created with the aim of supporting and sponsoring students no matter their country,

this is to help countries get developed students which will bring about great improvement and be of good importance in return.

Level of study: offers Undergraduate degree
Previous Application Deadline: depends on different factors, ranges between December and January


4. Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarships for Women in Africa, Europe and the Middle East

This is to support women and help them grow in technology aspects, the giant search engine company has come up with a scholarships program to empower women in world grow their knowledge in a way that will bring positive result to the world.

The Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship was created by Google which the aim of helping women from Europe,

African and Middle East pursue their education in the field of technology and computing, with degrees like Bachelors, Masters and PhD Degrees offered.

Level of study: Offers Undergraduate, Masters and PhD degrees​
Scholarship program value: The program offers eligible and accepted candidate a €7,000 (or equivalent) scholarship to get started
Previous Application Deadline: Available 1 February


5. International Cultural Service Program (ICSP) Tuition Scholarships at Oregon University

One more scholarship opportunity to study at the Oregon University, the program was created with the aim of helping students pursue their education in a simplified state.

To rank well based on review you need be a student who have performed or perform excellently academically,

the scholarship program is ranked based on different factors and it is important to find out these factors.

To make sure you as a student is not missing out; you must be prepared to give presentation about your home country to community,

children, staff, faculty and others and must be ready to bring up facts as the ICSP scholarship has a cultural service component which require this.

The ICSP program offers 10-20 new competitive scholarships to students from every country every year.

The scholarship only cover tuition and has it range from $9,000 to $27,000 every year, scholarships depends on your academic performance, leadership skills and financial need.

Level of study: Offers Undergraduate degree
Application Deadline: Available January 15


6. Fellowships in International Human Rights in UK and US

This is a great and interesting offers also an opportunity for student s especially who recently graduated from law schools or graduated from area studies,

international relations, and journalism and other relevant discipline from international universities.

The fellowship program was created the Human Rights Watch which monitors human rights and advocacy organization worldwide to help law students generally pursue higher education to expand their reach and to help improve the world status generally.

Level of study: Offers Masters Degree
Previous Application deadline: runs from June to October


7. New York University Wagner Scholarships

The New York University Wagner Scholarships is open to students internationally but is offered to a limited number of students who have been admitted every year.

The New York University offer this scholarship based on the contribution potential the Graduate Admissions Committee view the student will or can make to help the New York Wagner Community and the strength of the application.

As mentioned before, the scholarship program is open to students from all country, students from all country are treated equally and the admission test is performed fairly.

When you are awarded you get the chance of receiving partial to full tuition scholarship depending on some factors, this scholarships includes the Robert F. Wagner scholarships that includes a $20,000 stipend every year.


8. Colby-Sawyer College Scholarships

This is an opportunity for students who perform excellently academically, the Colby-Sawyer College offer scholarships to students from all country.

However, you must be performing outstanding academically and must try to have good leadership skills as the scholarships value is based on these factors.

The value of the scholarship program ranges from $15,000 to $28,000 every year depending on your academic performance (GPA score)


USA Scholarships programs 3

To study in United States is a good thing as the country is home to different prestigious universities in the world.

Talking about the quality of the universities isn’t enough; one must look before leaping as studying in US is not for the faint of heart.

To study in US you must be capable of paying for your living, and also your tuition fee payment must be regular.

To make things easier it is best to consider applying for scholarship opportunities, it is always one step ahead of the money matter.

However, finding genuine scholarships is a great work as there are lots of scholarships you will find online but you might feel confused and at unease if you can’t choose one.

This post was created to help you with best scholarships program In the United States to apply for right now.
Here is the list of best scholarship opportunities in the US

1. American University Merit Scholarships

This is a great opportunity for a student who performs excellently academically and is ready to pursue his or her academic.

The American University Merit scholarship has made it easy for students with great ambition to pursue their education with the American University’s merit awards.

The American university’s merit awards are open to students from all countries and it is partial, not full scholarships.

The awards are presented based on different factors, with it being highly competitive and it is known to depend on academic performance these includes leadership skills, excellent English communication skills,

community service, and volunteerism.
The scholarships are available and renewable for all four years of study depending on your great continued academic performance.

Level of study: Offers Undergraduate degree
Previous Application deadline: Available 15 January


2. International Merit Scholarships at Iowa State University

Students who have performed outstanding in their academics and have leading roles with good leadership skills and other associated skills are welcome to apply for this scholarships program.

Iowa State University is known to be committed to admitting endowed and talented students which well taught tends to bring out the best in them.

To all students who are talented academically or possessed outstanding skills you are eligible to apply and study at the Iowa State University with the International Merit Scholarships.

If you have performed well in one of these areas then you can apply: sciences and math, innovation, the arts, community service, entrepreneurship, and extracurricular activities.

Level of study: offers undergraduate degree
Application Deadline: Available March 1 (fall entry); October 1 (spring entry)


3. George and Nancy Axinn International Scholarship Fund- Michigan State University

A great opportunity for students who has good grades and have performed excellently academically or have good leadership skills and posses other related skills.

Professors George and Nancy Axinn created this scholarship program to help students who wants to pursue career in international development, the program is opened to students from all country.

Level of study: Offers Masters and PhD degrees
Previous Application Deadline: Available December 1


4. African Presidential Scholars Program at University of Michigan USA

Outstanding performing Students from African countries like Liberia, South Africa, Uganda and Ghana have the opportunity of getting early career faculty; this was packaged and distributed by the Universtiy of Michigan.

The university created the offer to help students from this eligible countries collaborate with students and faculty at the University of Michigan when they reside within two (2) to six (6) months.

Level of study: Offers Masters Degree
Previous Application deadline: Runs from August 15 to October 15


5. Illinois Wesleyan University International Student Scholarships

Before you apply for this scholarship program you need to ensure you have performed excellently academically, or have good leadership skill and possess some other related skills.

This scholarship program is based on different factors to define whether you get a chance to receive this award or not, factors including your interests, talents and academic performance.

Only if you have performed excellently in your academic and have test scores to prove you are good, then you can consider applying.

These scholarships is offered and the value ranges from $10,000 to $25,000 every year , and the program is renewable for up to four (4) years if you continue to perform well academically.

Students get the opportunity to get some additional help through campus employment and student loan.

Only two (2) full-tuitions are offered at the international Students Scholarships, at the end of the review process, these awards are given to two highly qualified students.

Level of study: Offers Undergraduate degree
Previous Application deadline: Available April 1


6. International Student Mandela Fellowship Program at Michigan State University for South African Students

To help boost the ego of students and to encourage then to pursue their education better than before,

the Michigan State University has carried the responsibility of paying the tuition of the first year of graduate study to help students get employed into some section while they get financial help to complete their study.

This is open to all South African students who are ready to continue their education in a good style,

the mission of the MSU is pretty simple as it wants to make students self dependent after completing the first year with paid tuition.

Level of study: Offers Graduate degree.
Previous Application deadline: Available April 15


7. ESTU International Students Academic Merit Scholarship

This offer is open to students who have the dream or are seeking undergraduate or graduate degree at East Tennessee State University.

This is an opportunity for you to get all tuition and maintenance fees slashed by 50% while you completed your degree.

Level of study: Offers undergraduate and graduate degrees
Scholarship program eligibility: To apply you must be a student at ETSU to apply for the Merit Scholarship
Previous Application Deadline: Runs from 1 June (fall) 1 October (spring)


8. IIS Undergraduate Merit Scholarships

This is one of the very opportunities to catch, it is available and open to student from all country.

The Institute of International Studies (IIS) at university of California, Berkeley just made schooling easier for students who have shown to perform excellently academically or have good leadership skills.

The Institute has provided an award of value $2000 each to students to support their undergraduate research in any are on international studies and related areas.

Level of study: Offers Undergraduate degree
Previous Application Deadline: Available November 19

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