Study in Canada at UFV

Study in Canada at UFV-
By applying for UFV admissions, applicants can be from any known country. They offer undergraduate and postgraduate students with the opportunity to study in canada by schooling at their university.

UFV serves as gateway to your academic dream of schooling in canada, they are ready to accept any student from the world who have meet their certain requirements.

UFV is mainly located in Canada at 33844 King Road, Abbotsford, Canada V2S 7M8. They covers many different applicable courses which the applicant can easily opted in for.

Before you start making any procedures, here are the basic requirements needed for applying at UFV.

Basic requirement needed to study in canadaUFV ( University Of The Fraser Valley )

The following are the things required for gaining admission into UFV, they are precisely listed and enlightened below;

  • General requirement
  • English requirement
  • Program requirement

1. General requirement:

In this type of requirement, applicant must have obtain up to 12 years in college according to Canada education system.

It simply means before applying for UFV admission, you should have completed your schooling at college ( Year 12/13 ) and also attain at least two A and six of five O levels.

2. English requirement:

Prove in speaking English language frequently is needed, and also some qualifications in English language are also required.

There are several test you need take in order know your level of understanding in English language, some of these platform recommended by UFV are;

Undergraduate and graduate
  • IELTS: This is an exam that makes sure you are speaking English language, a specified score of 6.5 or more than must be obtained.
  • CAEL: An average score of 70 is required by applicant for CAEL.
  • Cambridge: The certificate of proficiency in English ( CPE ) is demanded for applicants.
  • PTE: Total score of 61 and also 60 in writing ability involving grammatical structures must be obtained.
  • EIKEN: Applicant should have attain up to Grade 1 in this platform.

3. Program requirement:

Only applicant of the age 18 and above with completion of form six or five in English language can apply for UFV admission.

If your age do not meet the required age stated above, please do not apply until you are of the qualified age ( 18 ).

Applicant are advised to get a copy of the UFV Academic Calendar in order to get the full information on things require for each admission program.

Merits attached when you study in Canada at UFV

Schooling at UFV is attached with some advantage especially for new applicant and existing student, the merits are involved in many aspects.

  • Entrances scholarships
  • Enhanced learning
  • Conducive environment
  • Cheap course fees

1. Entrance scholarships:

UFV offers scholarships for first and new applicant who meet their scholarship score requirement, no extra amount is paid to redeem this scholarship.

The scholarship is divided into three part, they are;

  • The International Excellence Entrance Scholarship ( Top 10 at $20,000 )
  • International Regional Entrance scholarship ( Top 30 at $5,000 )
  • British Columbia High School Entrance Scholarship ( Top 5 at $5,000 )

Any applicant that scores high marks in the entrance may have a chance of earning one of the scholarship stated above.

Note: Any applicant applying from any specified region have access and right to the UFV entrance scholarship.

2. Enhanced learning:

UFV provides many implementation in their learning in aiding to improve the student learning skills, and also improved in the way they are being taught.

Some of this implementation are;

  • Simplified theories
  • Explorable excursions
  • Complete practicals e.t.c

With the aid of the implementation provided, it helps in the positive learning of the student giving them better understanding and comprehendible knowledge.

3. Conducive environment:

The structures and environment for learning are well built to support the learning of the students, they are constructed to be attractive and simplified for different departments and courses.

Enough classes and rooms are created in order to accommodate many student of it capacity, chairs and desk are well arranged to promote social distance especially in this COVID – 19 pandemic.

Looking at the area of environment, they are well gardened and flowered. The environment is kept clean always and large amount pure oxygen are present through the help of the plants in the development.

4. Cheap course fees:

Canada being an home of education, the cost of education is actually less comparing to other countries.

UFV helps in educating with pleasure by their low course fee, making it easy for student to study without too much expenses on the fees and other additional fees.

Fees and cost for studying at UFV

UFV tuition and fees for undergraduate, student and ancillary, international administration fees, medical and other cost and expenses are applied.

  • Undergraduate tuition and fees = $15,120 for Two semester
  • Student and Ancillary tuition and fees = $860 + unlimited local buss
  • International administration tuitions and fees = $1,450
  • Medical fees = $800


How to apply for study at UFV ( undergraduate and Postgraduate )

Study in canada by applying for UFV admission, steps and procedures on how to apply are listed and explained below.

  • Provide the requirement needed for applying at UFV
  • Get your international passport
  • Pay your tuition and fees
  • Choose a date before deadline

1. Provide the requirement needed for applying at UFV:

The first step to take before applying
for UFV admission is to provide the requirement listed, all this requirement are hilighted above.

Before you start any further procedures, make sure you understand and provide the requirement listed above, all information must have the actual qualifications.

2. Get your international passport:

All international applicant must provide their international passport for identical verification, make sure the passport is valid not expired.

If expired, it should renewed before use. This will be used for many purpose in this process, so it best to get yours if not gotten.

3. Pay your tuition and fees:

In-order to apply for this study, you must provide the money required for all the course you applied for.All applicants are advised to provide theirs

Other expenses can be opted out if not necessary, the important payment must first be made through the provided means.

4. Choose a date before deadline:

Each year there are specific time to apply and make payment at UFV, they have three semesters per year.

The following are the date and deadline provided by UFV to require for admission and make payment;

1. Apply for application from = Oct 1st 2021

2. Tuition and fees deposit date and deadlines = May 1, Oct 1 and Feb 1 all applicants

3. Semesters dates:
• Winter 2020 = Jan 6- Apr 24 2020 ( In session )
• Summer 2020 = May 4 – Aug 22 2020 ( In session )

    Apply at UFV today and achieve your precious academy dream, providing you much benefit during and after study.
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