Netherlands Freshmen International Scholarships

Netherlands Freshmen International Scholarships: Studying in the Netherlands is a great opportunity of acquiring more skills and degrees that will help you grow in knowledge and set you up in the right way. The country is known to be a good country that serves as home to many prestigious universities that are a source of outstanding graduates.

Looking for the opportunity to study in the Netherlands and acquire great skills and possess good degrees conveniently.

Let’s get to the main point, scholarships in the Netherlands have been provided in this post with great points to back it up.

Netherlands Freshmen International Scholarships

Here is the list of the best Scholarships in the Netherlands.


  1. ASC Leiden Visiting Fellowship Programme for Africans (Netherlands Freshmen International Scholarships)

This opportunity was created to help people from Africans to learn more about data analysis and writing, this is to work on open joint project with one or more ASCL staff member and also with Africans at other institutes.

Value of the Program: The program gives you access to different opportunities which cover most of your cost including daily stipend being hand out to you to cover living expenses, you will be given a return ticket usually economy class, and cost coverage of library facilities, use of shared office facilities, liability or medical insurance and accommodation in Leiden throughout your stay in the country.


  1. Eric Bleumink Funds for Developing Countries at University of Groningen

The Eric Bleumink Funds has partnered with the University of Groningen to provide support and sponsorship for students who have proven to have outstanding academic performance and with good leadership skills or other related skills.

This is to offers students research grants from brilliant students from developing countries who want to pursue their Masters’s degree in Holland.

Value of Scholarship: The Scholarship program has created this to offer different opportunities to students and part of these includes coverage of expenses as coverage for costs of travel, grant to cover your tuition fees, cover book costs, provide health insurance and cover subsistence cost. The scholarship program is limited to a small amount of application and only offers a limited number of grants every year.


  1. Mandela Scholarship Fund for South Africans

This is a great opportunity for you as a South African student who wants to study on scholarship abroad in the Netherlands.

This scholarship program gives students the opportunity of studying in the Netherlands to students who have performed excellently academically and comes from South Africa.

The Mandela Scholarship Fund was created with the aim of sponsoring South African students who want to pursue their bachelor’s and master’s degrees but comes from financially unstable backgrounds, this is to help them school with no problem concerning funds as the program is a fully funded scheme.

Value of Award: The scholarship program offers you different opportunities which part of it include coverage for major expenses such as the provision of living allowance of € 1000 every month, covers your tuition fees for one semester of study abroad, and also insurance which was arranged by Leiden University’s Scholarships Team and the AON Student Insurance.

  1. Leiden University International Students excellent scholarships

This is one opportunity to study abroad at Leiden University; the scholarship program is open to students who have performed brilliantly academically. However, the scholarship will not be awarded to students who have already applied or obtained a Leiden University Master’s degree, only students applying for a Master’s degree program for which a specified previous Masters’s degree program, or with work experience is made mandatory for example LLM advanced studies programs.


  1. Amsterdam Merit Scholarships (AMS) for International Students

The University of Amsterdam has created another opportunity for students who have outstanding academic performance and has proven to have good leadership skills or related skills that can improve the community and the country at large.

The scholarship program is available to you only if you are a student from outside the EU or EEA, the scholarship program is available and awarded to up to 6 students every year.

With this scholarship program, you can possess a different set of skills and pursue a higher level of education.

Value of Scholarship: The scholarship program gives you different opportunities and these include the coverage of expenses such as cover for living expenses, cover for tuition costs, and the scholarship fund of €25,000 for one academic year.


  1. Radboud University Masters Scholarships for International Students

This is a great opportunity to study at Radboud University and continue by pursuing your Master’s Degree program with this great offer. If you are a student with talents that can create a great impact on your community and home country. This scholarship program was created with the aim of offering students the opportunity to pursue their Master’s degree, this scholarship program is offered to a limited number of international students to have the access to complete their English-taught master’s degree program.

Value of Scholarship: This scholarship program covers partial tuition fee and also covers your costs for visas and offer health insurance.


  1. TU Delft | Global Initiative Sub-Saharan Africa Excellence Scholarships

Another open scholarship program to students who have performed excellently academically, and also have good leadership skills which can impact your community and home country in a positive way

This scholarship program extends to students from Sub-Saharan Africa to study at the Delft University of Technology. The main field of the scholarship program is Technology; it is a present full study for students to work side by side with scientists and entrepreneurs from developing countries to change the world economy and developments.

Value of Scholarship: The scholarship program offers full support and covers expenses such as a full fee waiver to run a TU Delfy MSc program and your living expenses for 2 years. You will get access to the Scholarship Club which can help your life with seminars, workshops, and personal development, and others.


  1. Justus & Louise van Effen Excellence Scholarships at TU Delft University

One more opportunity for international students to improve their academic life and journey, this program was created to help students financially with the aim of producing them from reaching greater heights than they expect.

Value of Award: the scholarship program offers support and other opportunities which include cost coverage for living expenses, provision of full waiver to help a student through the academic stage.

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